‘Magnum P.I.’ Fans Remember Roger E. Mosley Following His Death

by Joe Rutland

Fans of the classic TV show Magnum P.I. are sharing their sadness over the death of Roger E. Mosley at 83 years old. Mosley played Theodore “T.C.” Calvin, who would take Thomas Magnum, played by Tom Selleck, where he needed to go at times. Oh, T.C. would use his helicopter when Magnum was in need of assistance. The banter between both actors was just part of what made the show so entertaining.

As we said, fans are sharing their sadness and grief over Mosley’s death. Let’s see what some of them are saying on a sad Sunday afternoon.

This fan sends out this tweet: “RIP Roger E. Mosley aka Smitty from thin line between love&hate”. Award-winning writer and producer Tina Andrews would share the news with the world about Mosley’s death. “Sad day,” she wrote in a tweet. “My friend Roger E. Mosley, 83, who played “TC” on Magnum P.I., has transitioned. He was surrounded by his family after suffering from a car crash this weekend. What a sweet man, and a fine actor who gave great parties. RIP, Roger. You were loved and shall be missed.”

Roger E. Mosley of ‘Magnum P.I.’ Reportedly Also Was A Licensed Helicopter Pilot

The original Magnum P.I. starring Selleck would run for eight seasons on CBS. Mosley appeared in all 158 episodes of the show. But did you know that he also would write and direct different ones? He sure did. Mosley would direct an episode titled Dream a Little Dream. Then he had a hand in writing an episode titled Missing Melody.

Now, if you watch the reboot series with Jay Hernandez in the lead role, then you have seen Mosley on there. He would play a Vietnam veteran-turned-barber named John Booky. It’s a kind of call-back to the old show because Thomas Magnum himself was a Vietnam veteran. Magnum would have to deal with Higgins, played by John Hillerman, who was working for Robin Masters. Among Mosley’s awards was one he picked up back in 2009 with the TV Land Hero Award.

While you have seen him in that helicopter for years, did you know that he actually was a licensed helicopter pilot? Apparently, this is so, according to TV Overmind. But there’s a hitch here. Mosley was not able to do his own stunts due to the insurance producers would have to take out on him. At this time, we have not heard from Selleck about his late costar. We should be getting a statement from the actor at some time. Besides Selleck and Mosley, Larry Manetti also appeared on the show. So, we send out condolences to the family of Roger E. Mosley.