Major Health Update Revealed for ‘My Three Sons’ Star Dawn Lyn After Brain Surgery That Resulted in Coma

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

We have some updated news regarding Dawn Lyn, who made her name in the classic TV show My Three Sons starring Fred MacMurray. Lyn played Dodie on the show. She has been recovering from brain surgery that sent her into a coma. Tina Cole, who played opposite Lyn in the TV show, went to see her co-star recently. Right now, Lyn is able to breathe on her own. That’s great news.

Cole told TMZ that Lyn is still improving. At this time, Lyn is opening her eyes at times. She’s also breathing on her own with some oxygen assistance. Cole continues by saying that John, Lyn’s husband, texted her a health update on Monday night. He said that Lyn, right now, is doing the best she has been doing since her operation.

Dawn Lyn Of ‘My Three Sons’ Received Visits From Tina Cole

It does appear that the one-time child star has a support system around her. Cole told TMZ that she visited Lyn in her hospital room last week. She said that she held Lyn’s hand and talked to her while the actress was unconscious. Lyn was fighting for her life just last month after going under to remove a brain tumor. Movie producer Rock Whitehead, who is working on an upcoming film featuring Lyn, posted a good update about Lyn’s health. Whitehead said that she’s made great strides since going to the hospital more than two weeks ago.

My Three Sons was a sitcom that ran in the 1960s and 1970s. MacMurray starred as Steve Douglas, a widower who was raising his sons. Don Grady, Stanley Livingston, Barry Livingston, William Frawley, William Demarest, and Tim Considine were cast members in the show. Grady’s character was going to marry Cole’s character on the show. When the TV show first hit the airwaves, Frawley played “Bub.” He was their grandfather and housekeeper. “Bub” also ran herd on the Douglas boys on the show. Yet Frawley reached a point where he could no longer appear on the show. It would lead to him leaving that show and they brought in Demarest.

The veteran actor, who made his name in a number of movies over the years, played Uncle Charley. He, too, would be the Douglas’ housekeeper and keep an eye on the Douglas kids. Uncle Charley would have run-ins with Steve here and there, but did love the family a lot. My Three Sons ran on ABC for its first five seasons before moving over to CBS. Another major shift in the show was that it started being filmed in color for CBS.