‘Maverick’ Star James Garner’s Hollywood Memorabilia Set To Be Auctioned Off

by Joe Rutland

Many items belonging to movie and classic TV star James Garner are all set to go up in an auction set for Friday, July 15. Garner’s daughter Gigi has been sharing pictures of these items on her Twitter account. Proceeds from this auction will go to a non-profit animal rescue called the James Garner Rescue Fund.

Of course, Garner, who died in 2014, is known for being on shows like Maverick and The Rockford Files. On Thursday, Gigi Garner shared a few more photos that give all of us a look at some precious mementos. “Taking a last look at all my dad’s stuff….,” she writes. “Please help me get the word out and support my auction on Friday July 15th.”

James Garner Admitted How He Differed From Some Of His Roles

As to why this is being done, she writes about it in a previous Twitter post. “My purpose in life is to help animals. This is why I am selling all my father’s memorabilia on July 15th through Julien’s Auction. But I cannot do this alone so, please register to bid and help support my charity ;-)”.Garner loved dogs and that was a lifelong thing with the famed actor. Earlier in June, a watch belonging to Garner was sold at an auction for $176,400. There will be many other items available at the Julien’s Auction event.

While many of us love James Garner in his roles like Bret Maverick and Jim Rockford, one time he said that he differed from his many roles in one key way. How so? He was scared of women…and Garner played opposite some beauties in his day. “Not frightened, scared,” he told Panorama Magazine in an interview. “I don’t know why,” the native of Oklahoma said. “I’ve known women I just melt around. I can’t talk ‒ I’m afraid I might do something or say something wrong, that they’ll dislike me. So I don’t do anything ‒ it’s my own fear.”

Meanwhile, Garner was a pretty savvy dude when it came to The Rockford Files. Yeah, he played a private investigator who had to deal with Angel, played by Stuart Margolin, a lot. Of course, Jim had his dad Rocky, played by Noah Beery, kind of butting in here and there. Yet Garner also had a hand in the show’s production. He would recall how purchasing two semi-trucks actually “changed the production” of his NBC show. James Garner said this move, in part, would allow different departments to take up space equally in these trucks. They could stay out on location and film scenes longer. It also cut down the amount of time spent filming, making it all more cost-effective.