Melissa Gilbert Reveals Never-Before-Seen Pictures From ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Set

by Joe Rutland

Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie takes “throwback Thursday” to heart with these old-school photos from the show. Gilbert’s character, Laura Ingalls, is so beloved by viewers to this day. In fact, she still digs playing the role on the NBC drama. You can tell that memories from the days on the show’s set are some of her most cherished moments. In this selection of pictures, you’ll be able to see a sweet one of Michael Landon at the end. While it’s been many years since Landon died, Gilbert loves her costar to this very day. Enjoy the views that she shares with all of us.

Actress and podcast host Mindy Cohn comments with other fans, writing, “Woo Hoo and I best be in it!” Another fan says, “Wowza these are beyond amazing. Love these. The last one of Michael Landon is a bit haunting.” That photo of Landon, as Gilbert writes in the post, comes after Walnut Grove is no more. Landon was an integral part of the entire show’s production.

Melissa Gilbert of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Shares Photos of Her Son

But don’t think that Gilbert simply posts old-school pictures all the time. Recently, Gilbert shared some sweet family photos taken at “The Cabbage.” What is that place? Nope, it’s not related to Little House on the Prairie. That is the name she gives to her home in New York state that she shares with actor and husband Tim Busfield. Among the photos in this group were some with her son, Michael Garrett Boxleitner. In fact, here’s a little tidbit for you trivia fans. Gilbert happened to name her son after Landon.

Meanwhile, sometimes, actresses go to great lengths in order to stay looking young. It’s part of the Hollywood lifestyle. For her part, Gilbert does remember getting Botox treatments. Yet the actress also would talk about how much effort it took to stay young looking. She was not a fan of those treatments, either. One time, Gilbert commented that getting Botox was like “literally fighting nature.” In fact, Gilbert talked about it with Yahoo! Life in an interview. She would remember being on the red carpet for a Season 4 premiere of the show Nip/Tuck.

“I was all done up,” she says. “It was at the height of all the fillers in the Botox and my hair was very, very colored. And that really knocked me for a loop, because I was looking at [myself] thinking, ‘Who’s that person? That’s not me. That’s like a shell over what the real me is.'” These days, she has none of that type of work done to her looks. Gilbert finds that she’s more in tune with a natural look to her face and body.