Melissa Gilbert Shares Heartwarming Pic Showing Her Granddaughter ‘Little House on the Prairie’

by Sean Griffin

Melissa Gilbert posted a heartwarming picture to Instagram. In the picture, Gilbert braids her granddaughter’s hair while wearing long gowns as she watches Little House on the Prairie for the first time.

“That amazing moment when, three episodes into her first time watching #littlehouseontheprairie, my granddaughter Lulabelle asked me to put her hair in braids,” Gilbert writes in her caption. She included the fitting hashtags “#blessed #proudgradma #nana #nanapint #grannymel #family #love.”

Fans quickly commented on the touching post. “I love nanapint!!! This is going to be a core memory for her for sure,” one fan wrote. “So very special and sweet,” another fan commented. “Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.”

One fan commented on the cyclical nature of raising a family. “That is the circle! How wonderful that moment must have been Melissa. Hugs!”

One fan complained about not being able to find enough Little House episodes on her network package. “Awww that’s a blessing I’ll take half pint’s any day. You have directtv we do, but I have a hard time finding episodes to watch.”

Another wrote about a recent binge session of Melissa Gilbert’s beloved series. They said, “I just watched two random season 3 episodes yesterday cuz I missed watching them so much 😍 it’s always a blessing 🥰.”

Melissa Gilbert’s Recent Health Update

Melissa Gilbert has an intimate relationship with her fans and loves keeping them up-to-date on her life’s events. However, recently, she took to Instagram to share a health update with the world.

In the post, she revealed a recent doctor’s visit along with advocacy messages. She spoke of the importance of mammograms for women, and more generally, the importance of keeping tabs on your health.

“Last week was check up and check in with all doctors. I had my physical and I’m happy to report that since cutting out beef, pork and chicken, my bad cholesterol dropped 30 points!!” she wrote in her caption.

Then, she continued by recounting her visit. “Yesterday was #mammogram day. As always followed by ultrasound (because dense, cyst filled breast tissue). Everything was perfect and all clear. Such a relief compared to last year when they found a calcification and I had to have a biopsy. I will admit that I was a bit nervous this year but I was so so relieved when everything turned out to be fine. It’s so important to say on top of your health and testing. Next up-husband and wife colonoscopies. That’s gonna be a fun couple of days. #health #advocate #testing #ultrasound #savetheboobies #wellness #checkup.”

Gilbert is no stranger to advocacy or letting her voice be known. In 2016, she ran as a Democrat for a US Congressional seat in Maryland. However, she later withdrew from the race due to health issues stemming from a 2012 car accident.