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MeTV ‘Summer of Me’ Programming Slate: See the Full Schedule

by Megan Molseed
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The grills are ready to go, school is almost done for the year, and the warm weather is starting to emerge as summer is just around the corner. It’s a favorite time of year for many, and MeTV is ready to celebrate this with its annual “Summer of Me” classic TV schedule.

The yearly event focuses on bringing some of our favorite TV shows from days gone by. From some longtime classic television favorites like The Beverly Hillbillies; I Love Lucy; The Brady Bunch, and even some classic Bugs Bunny to some more modern favorites like Full House, MeTV is set to give viewers a summer to remember with its popular event.

MeTV’s Annual ‘Summer of Me’ Programming Takes Us Back to Some of Our Favorite Classics

What better way to kick off a summer event than to start it on Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of the summer season. And, this is exactly what MeTV is doing with its popular “Summer of Me” classic television event. Starting on Sunday, May 29, MeTV will bring us a marathon of our favorite television action heroes with an A-Team marathon. This marathon will begin with a two-parter episode The Bend in The River. Next MeTV is scheduled to air another A-Team double episode with Judgement Day parts one and two.

Finally, a fan-favorite episode Wheel of Fortune is set to air. Then, each Sunday MeTv will bring us another marathon of some favorite shows. On Sunday, June 5, fans can catch some of their all-time favorite episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies. The marathon will begin with the episode that started it all, The Clampetts Strike Oil.

Following this OG Hillbillies installment, we will follow our favorite rags-to-riches story as MeTV brings us The Beverly Hillbillies in Getting Settled; followed by The Clampetts in Court. Other episodes set to air on Sunday, June 5 are Jethro’s Friend; The Giant Jackrabbit; Jed Becomes a Banker; The Family Tree, and Granny Versus the Weather Bureau. Other shows set to air on MeTV that first weekend of June is Full House and The Andy Griffith Show.

Later in the summer, on the week of July 25 through July 29, the MeTV schedule will be going a bit “looney” as the popular classic television network celebrates our favorite cartoon bunny with the Toon In With Me, Bugs Bunny Birthday Week.

Summer Full of Our All-Time Favorites

Other shows set to air during the MeTV “Summer of Me” event includes a Leave It to Beaver marathon; I Love Lucy; Gidget; The Flying Nun; The Monkees; The Flintstones; Laverne and Shirley; The Brady Bunch; Cheers; Gilligans Island and so much more! Each marathon premieres on Sunday afternoon on MeTV throughout the summer season.