‘Mork & Mindy’: One ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ Star Appeared in a Couple Episodes

by Joe Rutland

It’s always interesting to look back on classic TV history and find shows like Mork & Mindy with stars from other shows on there. The sitcom starring Robin Williams and Pam Dawber had a star from The Mary Tyler Moore Show pop up there in its second season. Which one was it? Let’s see who crossed over from CBS to ABC. Yep, it also was a network tradeoff, too.

Actress Georgia Engel, who played Ted Baxter’s wife Georgette, popped up on the Happy Days spinoff. She played meter maid Ambrosia Malspar. Her affections would be toward Mork’s unique friend Exidor, played by Robert Donner. We get more from TV Insider.

Exidor Actor From ‘Mork & Mindy’ Stops Any Spinoff Chatter

Donner’s character was incredibly popular as a crazed street prophet. The interaction between Exidor and Mork would send viewers into laughing spells. Williams’ comedic talent and timing helped out, but so did the veteran actor Donner and his ability to make a scene come alive.

At one time, there was some chatter about having another spinoff devoted to Exidor. Imagine how wild and crazy that show would have gotten. Still, Donner put the damper on even moving forward with it. He called it a crazy idea. “I’ve been pretty outspoken about the suggestion that Exidor should spin off into his own series,” Donner said in a 1979 interview according to MeTV. “I think the idea is crazy … Exidor is a genuinely far-out character.

“He comes into every scene in Mork & Mindy on the ceiling, and you can’t get any higher than that,” he said. “He’s fine for every third show or so. A little of anyone as strong as Exidor goes a long way. I’m not sure he could hold an audience every week on his own.” Those who were pushing for that show found themselves on the outside looking in regarding the Exidor spinoff.

TV Show Ended Its Network Run on ABC Back in May 1978

If you catch the first couple of minutes of the clip above, then you get a taste of Donner’s portrayal. Then comes Williams and his manic comedy style, taking bows toward his hero Jonathan Winters. Williams and Donner work well together but the focus is always geared toward the funny comedian. For classic TV fans, Mork & Mindy left network TV 40 years ago in May 1982.

The show made Williams a household name and Dawber also had her share of stardom, too. Sadly, Williams is no longer around to bring his unique brand of humor to the world. Dawber is married to NCIS star Mark Harmon and has appeared there.