New ‘Married… With Children’ Series in the Works With Original Stars Set to Return, But There’s a Twist

by Suzanne Halliburton

Admit it. Y’all loved the delightfully dysfunctional Bundy family on Married… With Children. The sit-com premiered 35 years ago and helped a fledgling Fox network find its primetime footing.

Now, a reboot of Married…With Children is in the works, with key cast members coming on board. But there’s a small twist, The reboot is an animated version.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Television is developing the animated series based on Married…With Children. The studio already has signed the four main stars — Ed O’Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate and David Faustino. They’ll be voicing their characters.

Alex Carter, the executive producer and writer for Family Guy, will be the showrunner for the animated Married… With Children.

But this isn’t a done deal, as yet. The studio is looking for buyers for the series. And there are far more opportunities these days for an unconventional comedy than there were back in the 1980s. You can watch the classic TV show on Hulu, Peacock and Pluto TV.

The Hollywood Reporter said this isn’t the first time the studio tried to relaunch Married… With Children. Back in 2014, Sony was developing a series based on Bud Bundy. He was the snarky brother played by Faustino.

Original cast of Married… With Children: David Faustino, Ed o’Neill, Katey Segal, Christina Applegate, and Amanda Bearse. (Photo by Columbia Pictures/Courtesy of Getty Images)

Married… With Children Was First Show Broadcast By Fox

The initial show ran from 1987 to 1997 on Fox. And although critics weren’t big fans, here’s why the show was important in TV history. Fox, as a network, was late to the TV game. It launched April 6, 1987. And Married …. With Children was its first show on the first night of programming. The Tracy Ullman Show, a sketch comedy, followed Married… With Children in the Sunday lineup.

The series, featuring 259 episodes, ran for 11 seasons. It remained a Sunday night staple until 1996. Then Fox tried it on Saturday and Monday nights.

Family comedies and dramas are television mainstays. But Married… With Children offered a different look at the nuclear family. Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill) sold ladies shoes and couldn’t get over his high school days as a football star. His wife Peggy (Katey Sagal) wasn’t interested in housework or cooking. She was out there with her laziness. The show also introduced Christina Applegate to the country. She played beautiful daughter Kelly who defined the stereotype of a dumb blonde. The Bundys also interacted with their neighbors, Steve and Marcy. Al didn’t much like them either. However, he did relent when Marcy got remarried. Her husband became his running buddy.

But throughout the run, the audience always was in on the joke. The characters were obnoxious spoofs, by design.