Original ‘Munsters’ Star Butch Patrick Joins Cast of Rob Zombie’s Movie Reboot

by Joe Rutland

Get ready for a blast from the classic TV past as Butch Patrick of The Munsters will be joining up with director Rob Zombie. As you may know, Zombie, who is quite prolific as both a musician and director, has been working on this movie reboot. Patrick, of course, played Eddie Munster in the original CBS series that ran between 1964-66. According to Entertainment Weekly, he’s going to play The Tin Can Man.

Zombie even took to Instagram and made the announcement himself. “Where’s Eddie you ask? Well, I’ll tell you!” he writes. “My good buddy @the_real_butch_patrick is now in THE MUNSTERS as THE TIN CAN MAN. I am thrilled to have another original Munster in my new film. Get ready for some robot fun.” Before you look around and wonder who also will be in the movie from the O.G. show, we have you covered. Pat Priest, who played human Marilyn Munster among her monstrous-looking family members, is going to appear in The Munsters movie, too.

Movie Version of ‘The Munsters’ Will Be PG-Rated Flick

And you better believe fans are ready to see this new flick. One writes, “Now I’m looking forward to this movie more than ever. Including notable guest characters and bringing in those familiar elements of the series show how much thought you’ve put into the story, and the extent of your passion for it. I wish you big success with it, for you and for us fans! Thank you for the respect you’ve already revealed toward The Munsters. Another great sign is the actors who have agreed to take part in this. If they have a good feeling about it, that’s a big stamp of approval.”

Besides Patrick and Priest, others will fill the roles made famous by Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, and Al Lewis. Jeff Daniel Phillips will appear as Herman, while Sheri Moon Zombie stars as Lily, and Daniel Roebuck will play Grandpa. Roebuck has a little classic TV history to his name as he costarred on the famed legal show Matlock with Andy Griffith many years ago.

There has been some concern due to the number of R-rated movies Zombie has done that The Munsters would fall into that path. Well, Zombie has made it clear that this tender, funny movie will be rated PG. Another thing to remember is that Patrick’s Eddie built a Tin Can man in the old series. So this will definitely be some long-form storytelling, in a sense, going down in the movie. It’s due to be out in the fall, so keep your schedules open to go see it.