Rob Zombie Drops New ‘Munsters’ Photo That Mirrors Classic Herman and Lily Moment

by Craig Garrett

Rob Zombie is the director of The Munsters’ Netflix reboot, and he showed his super fan status for the classic tv sitcom on social media. Zombie took to his official Instagram to show off the new image. Though the picture has modern stars in it, it also harkens back to a classic episode of the series.

Lily is shown playing the harp with Herman at her side as if they are posing for a photograph. This image follows a pair of controversial trailers released by Rob Zombie. It’s uncertain whether the pair will play spooky music in the film, but it’ll be interesting to see how Jeff Daniel Philips and Sheri Moon Zombie have gotten lost within their roles.

The new film was directed by and produced by Rob Zombie. The director is known for his R-rated horror movies such as The Devil’s Rejects and the Halloween remake. The film is a prequel to the iconic 60’s comedy show of the same name. Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Daniel Roebuck will play the main roles of Herman, Lily, and Grandpa. Despite Zombie’s reputation as a gritty director, his devotion to the classic series is shown with the PG rating he earned.

The classic origins of Rob Zombie’s Munster Image

The new still is a recreation of a scene from the memorable “Far Out Munsters” episode from season 1. In this episode, the Munsters rent out their home to a seemingly mundane group. However, they soon return and discover that their tenants are a rock n roll band who’ve had a huge bash on the premises. Rather than kick them out, the Munsters decide to join in the fun. Herman reads poetry as Lily plays the harp and sings “He’s Gone Away.” The particular scene with the harp has remained iconic to date. By recreating it, Zombie has undoubtedly paid tribute to the original series.

However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Rob Zombie is paying homage. He is a long-time fan of the original series. His band, White Zombie, had its breakout hit with a track called “Dragula”. That of course is a reference to a car featured in the sitcom. Zombie also recorded a commentary track to the Munsters feature film Munster, Go Home! Though Rob Zombie’s films have skewed edgy, his favorite scary films are the classics. Even the moniker of his band is a classic horror reference. White Zombie is also a 1932 Bela Lugosi film.

Still, the new image has to be encouraging to fans of The Munsters. There’s not much time left to wait for Rob Zombie’s film to land on Netflix. It’s set to drop on DVD and Blu-ray on September 27th before streaming on Netflix shortly after.