Ron Howard’s Daughter Bryce Dallas Howard Celebrates 16th Wedding Anniversary

by Caitlin Berard

On June 17, 2006, Ron Howard‘s daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, married her long-time boyfriend, Seth Gabel, whom she met while studying at New York University. The couple now shares 16 years of marriage and two children, Theodore and Beatrice, but they couldn’t be more in love.

To commemorate their anniversary, Bryce Dallas Howard shared a picture of herself with her husband along with a sweet message. “Seth Gabel, we celebrate 16 years of marriage today and I am more in love with you now than ever,” she wrote in the caption. “Happy Anniversary. Love, Your Wife.”

After crediting the photographer, Bryce described the photo. “ID: Bryce softly smiles while looking over to the love of her life,” she wrote.

Among the hundreds of hearts and “happy anniversary” comments, Bryce Dallas Howard’s uncle, The Andy Griffith Show star Clint Howard, shared a touching message with the couple. “Sending a Happy Anniversary video over,” he wrote. “Love you both for the power couple you are and for the hardworking, dedicated parent duo you both are!”

Bryce Dallas Howard Expresses Admiration for Her Husband and Father, Ron Howard

Though Bryce Dallas Howard is now an adult with children of her own, her father, Ron Howard, will always be her hero. And to celebrate the admirable men in her life, Bryce produced the 2019 documentary Dads, which showcases fatherhood around the world and the important role that dads play in their children’s lives.

Ahead of the release of Dads, Bryce Dallas Howard sat down with Risen Magazine to discuss two of the men she admires most – her husband, Seth Gabel, and father, Ron Howard. According to Bryce, her father is constantly explaining that he doesn’t deserve to be held in such high regard, a point on which she wholly disagrees.

“He’s constantly like, ‘One day, Bryce, one day, you’ll knock me off the pedestal. I just want you to be ready for it.’ Because I really do have him on a pedestal,” she explained. “I really, really do, but I do feel it’s earned. Nobody’s perfect. Absolutely nobody’s perfect, but he is, in my mind, pretty darn close to it.”

“He’s just such an admirable person and tries so hard and in such earnest to be good and grow. To see a man in his sixties always insatiably curious, always wanting to grow in ways that are often, I can imagine for anyone, challenging. So I just really, really admire that.”

Bryce clearly feels that Happy Days star Ron Howard is the perfect father. Her husband Seth, however, gives him a run for his money. “[Seth is] a best friend to [our children],” she said. “He’s a playmate to them, he’s an incredible role model, he’s a guide. He’s just… awesome. I’m so grateful to have the family that I do.”