‘Seinfeld’ Fans Sound Off on Their All-Time Favorite Episodes: Here Are the Popular Picks

by Megan Molseed

Seinfeld is no doubt one of the most influential sitcoms in all of TV history. The now-classic TV series hit the airwaves in 1989 and remained a fan favorite for its entire run through 1998. The award-winning series not only brought us some incredible comedy on a weekly basis but it also gave us some iconic moments in comedy history.

Recently, fans of the hit comedy series discussed their favorite episodes in a Seinfeld Reddit thread. And, the commenters had some good nominees for the all-time favorite episode options.

Seinfeld Fans Discuss Their Favorite Moments in the Classic Sitcom Series

In the recent Reddit thread, one Seinfeld fan poses the question, “what is your favorite episode” from the popular series. Starting the discussion, the OP notes that the hilariously scandalous episode The Contest is the best in their opinion.

Another fan remembers another hilarious moment from the show’s final season in the episode titled The Dealership. The fan remembers the moment Jason Alexander’s George Costanza goes “mental over the twix.”

“He went through all the trouble of setting up the candy bar line up when he could have just [eaten] them,” the Seinfeld fan remembers. “high five!”

Another fan of the series is right there with this favorite episode selection. This fan goes a little further, remembering a hilarious line from the show.

“‘All I want is an apology, my 75 cents back, and for him to be fired!'” the Redditor quotes.

Some fans recall one episode in which Jerry Seinfeld’s hilariously whacky on-screen neighbor Michael Richards’ Cosmo Kramer builds the Merv Griffin set in his living room. It’s an episode from which many on the Reddit thread are loving to pull quotes.

“Where are you gonna sleep?'” one fan remembers one character asking Kramer in the episode. Kramer’s answer is as matter-of-fact as things can get when he responds with “Backstage…”

Another fan remembers when the Merv Griffin theme was seemingly coming to its end in the hilarious Seinfeld episode. One Reddit fan remembers the quote “Well, we’ve officially hit rock bottom,” followed by “Time to retool and come up with a new format.”

Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza Searches For ‘Serenity Now!’

Of course, what “best of” Seinfeld list wouldn’t include Jerry Stiller’s Frank Costanza’s famous “Serenity now!” moments. “Kramer and Frank were hysterical in that episode,” one fan notes.

Another fan remembers the moment of George’s big speech in The Marine Biologist. “The Marine Biologist has the greatest speech in the history of television,” the Redditor notes. However, this fan does agree with the OP, noting that “[The] Contest is the GOAT.”

Another episode mentioned quite often in the popular Seinfeld Reddit post is one that gives fans of the series a full episode of ridiculousness. Something the popular series is famous for doing.

“The Marble Rye,” notes one fan of their favorite installment in the series. “because of just how ridiculous the premise is.”