‘Seinfeld’: The Surprising Star Who Won the Most Emmy Awards

by Joe Rutland

It’s safe to say that Seinfeld picked up its fair share of Emmy Awards throughout the show’s nine-season run on NBC. Starring comedian Jerry Seinfeld, this New York-focused sitcom had plenty of interesting characters. You have Jason Alexander as George Costanza, who aired his grievances (not Festivus so much) in Jerry’s apartment.

Julia-Louis Dreyfus has a memorable turn as Elaine Benes, a former girlfriend of Jerry’s. And, of course, there’s Michael Richards as the iconic Cosmo Kramer, yelping at Jerry all the time or delivering a finely-timed “Giddy-up.” Among these four, which one of them nabbed the most Emmys?

Michael Richards Picked Up Three Emmy Awards For Work on ‘Seinfeld’

Well, there’s Seinfeld, who co-created the show with Arrested Development star Larry David. He did win one, combining with David for Outstanding Comedy Series. Would you believe Alexander didn’t win a single one? Apparently, the years he was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor would see him battling with Richards. Dreyfus did get one Best Supporting Actress Emmy. OK, this brings us to Richards. The very funny actor-comedian would win three for Oustanding Supporting Actor. Reportedly, he was nominated every year between 1993-97.

The things that Kramer would get into bring viewers a lot of laughs today. Remember when he tried his hand at being a talk-show host? In a weird way, he would find the old set for The Merv Griffin Show in the trash. Kramer turns his apartment into a place where guests would drop by. He managed to get Newman, played by Wayne Knight, to be his sidekick. As the episode ends, we see Jim Fowler of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom fame make an appearance. Fans would remember Fowler from there and The Tonight Show Starring Johny Carson.

Biggest Secret Surround Kramer Happened To Be About His First Name

Of course, the biggest secret about Kramer was his first name. He would not let the proverbial cat out of the bag himself. Heck, even Jerry didn’t really know until Kramer’s mom appears. Kramer and George happen to find her and she calls her son Cosmo. If you recall, then George goes back to Jerry’s place where he breaks the news to Jerry and Elaine. Kramer finds his way back into Jerry’s place and all three of them — Jerry, Elaine, and Geroge — find themselves breaking up in guffaws on Seinfeld. Actress Sheree North played Cosmo’s mom. Are there any other iconic show characters? Of course! We’d like to nominate David Puddy, played by Patrick Warburton. One time, Warburton brought the house down with laughter during a table read. It was for the episode titled The Face Painter as Puddy shows his allegiance to the NHL’s New Jersey Devils in a very interesting way.