Several ‘Happy Days’ Stars Reunited on ‘Arrested Development’

by Megan Molseed

Not many fans realize that two of our favorite Happy Days stars have gone on to become lawyers. Well, lawyers on the cult-classic comedy series Arrested Development, at least! And, as hard-core fans of the Jason Bateman-led series know, practicing law – or attempting to – isn’t the only manner in which stars from the hit classic television sitcom series have made appearances on Arrested Development, either.

‘Arrested Development’ Boasts Several ‘Happy Days’ Guest Stars

Arrested Development has brought fans some amazing, and wildly hilarious, storylines during its five-season run with the award-winning series’ first three appearing on Fox; and the final two seasons airing on Netflix after the popular streaming service revived the series a few years later. And, according to IMDb, there are a total of 17 people involved in the series who are also credited for work on Happy Days. Some of these include actors that we have all grown to know very well.

Among these Happy Days actors making memorable appearances on Arrested Development are Henry Winkler who portrays the iconic greaser Arthur Fonzereli on Happy Days; and Scott Baio who portrays the beloved Chachi Arcola on the hit classic television sitcom series. However, both Winkler and Baio’s Arrested Development characters are very different from the ones that we met on Happy Days.

Winkler’s Arrested Development character, Barry Zuckerman, serves as the attorney for the legally questionable Bluth family. He is all heart – most of the time – but none of the skill as Winkler’s Zuckerman proves over and over again that he is entirely incompetent in this role. However, the Bluth family continues to employ the bumbling attorney to help them with their numerous legal troubles. Well, until Scott Baio’s character comes into the picture.

Scott Baio’s character, Bob Loblaw, is the attorney selected to replace Winkler’s Zuckerman. This is a hilarious nod to Happy Days since Baio’s Chachi stepped in as Fonz’s young cousin on the series. Eventually replacing him as Winkler moved on from the show.

Famed Director and Producer Ron Howard Brings Us the Unique Comedy Series

While starring in Happy Days, Ron Howard played the iconic 1950s teenager, Richie Cunningham. After leaving the series, Howard went on to expand his prolific Hollywood career. Moving to roles behind the scenes working as producer and director for some of our favorite films. And, two decades after stepping away from the television screen, Ron Howard returned…this time serving as executive producer – and narrator – of Arrested Development.

Additionally, the award-winning series has welcomed some other familiar faces from Happy Days during its five-season run. Ron Howard’s brother, Clint, stepped in as a guest star in two Arrested Development episodes. Clint is also credited as appearing in two Happy Days episodes. Furthermore, Ron and Clint Howard’s father, Rance, appears in one episode of Arrested Development, and on three episodes of Happy Days.