Son of ‘Happy Days’ Star Marion Ross Says He’s Always Been in Awe While Working With Ron Howard

by Samantha Whidden

Jim Meskimen, the son of “Happy Days” star Marion Ross, recently opened up about what it is like for him to work alongside Ron Howard. 

While speaking to Fox News earlier this month, Meskimen stated that he met Ron Howard as a young man and worked for him when he was a teenager. This was notably before Howard became a “big-time” director. “He was always an aspiring director,” Meskimen recalled. “He asked me if I would work on weekends to help. I remember I worked maybe six weeks one summertime as he did one of his films.”

Meskimen also said that Ron Howard never finished because he received an opportunity from director Roger Corman. The actor and director’s career skyrocketed from there. “But throughout his journey, I’ve always kept in touch,” Meskimen spoke about the “Happy Days” star. “He was always very generous to allow me o audition. Because of him, I got to work with Marisa Tomei, my first Oscar-winning performer.”

When asked what surprised him most about Ron Howard while getting to know the “Happy Days” star behind the scenes as a director, Meskimen said, “What is unique about Ron is he knew what he wanted to do from an early age. He was a successful actor, but he always had his eyes set on directing. He spent his whole life in that pursuit and was determined to be successful. I’ve always been in awe of that kind of focus.”

Meskimen went on to add that he has always loved Ron Howard’s directing style. The director also runs his sets like a basketball or baseball coach. “He’s very into sports and has done coaching. He directs in the same way.”

Along With Talking About Ron Howard, Son of ‘Happy Days’ Star Revealed How Robin Williams Impacted His Career

Meanwhile, Jim Meskinmen shared more details about his impressions. The son of “Happy Days” star Marion Ross recalled auditioning 15 years ago to do Robin Williams’ voice as the Genie for Walt Disney. “They had a lot of opportunities in terms of games and toys. I scored on that audition, and I’ve been doing the Genie voice. I now feel a sense of responsibility to keep it alive, and it’s truly a special honor.”

When asked if he ever got to meet Robin Williams, Meskinmen said, “Very briefly, at the airport. I probably could have met him earlier. He actually got his start on my mother’s show, ‘Happy Days.’ She still has a nice gift from him somewhere in her home after the show was shot.”

Meskimen went on to say that he felt very close to Robin Williams, even though he was a bit older than him. They both had similar interests and he felt a special kinship. “I recently did a short tribute to Robin Williams on my TikTok account, and people responded very well to it. They wrote how emotional it made them.”