‘Step by Step’ Star Suzanne Somers Reveals the Difference Between Show and ‘The Brady Bunch’

by Alex Falls

There are some significant similarities between classic TV shows Step by Step and The Brady Bunch. They both feature blended family situations and the matriarchs of both families share the same first name and stylish blonde hairdo. Comparisons have always been made since Step by Step began airing in the 90s. In an interview with Yahoo! Movies to celebrate the ABC sitcom’s 30th anniversary, Step by Star star Suzanne Somers detailed what sets Carol Foster apart from Carol Brady.

“Carol Brady never had sex, that we know of,” Somers said, “There were a bunch of kids, but I don’t know how she had them! Frank and Carol … were a very sexy couple. The whole show was about trying to get laid, but a kid always walked in the room.” 

Similar Setup but in a Different Time

As soon as the show premiered in 1991, critics began noting the similarities to The Brady Bunch. Like the classic 60s sitcom, Carol and Frank form a new family with their respective children and the show follows their hilarious struggles in bringing their broods together.

Step by Step is not as beloved as The Brady Bunch, but the show developed a major following. It ran for six seasons as part of ABC’s TGIF lineup which included other 90s classic shows such as Family Matters and Boy Meets World. Somers believes that the show’s popularity came from bringing a setup similar to The Brady Bunch, but bringing it into a modern context.

“When Step by Step presented a blended family, it was more prevalent,” Sommers said. “[In the ’90s] we were into the second generation of people who were blending families. The first generation was the hardest… and I think we put a positive spin on it in Step by Step where the kids weren’t filled with angst over what it was. That’s kind of the goal when you’re blending a family.”

Suzanne Somers Compare Her Own Life to Carol Foster’s

Somers shares a lot with her on-screen counterpart. Her second marriage involved bringing two sets of children together, and just like Frank and Carol, Somers and her husband are physically expressive. “I like who I am, I like the way I look,” Somers said. “I take good care of myself. When I walk down the hallway toward my husband naked, then I know he’s just really enjoying looking at me.”

Somers stays in touch with her on-screen husband. She said they will always be dear friends. She also shared that they’ll usually have a celebratory drink on his birthday every St. Patricks Day.

Overall, Somers looks back fondly at her time on Step by Step 30 years later. She faced a lot of opposition as a woman in those days, but her experience on this show opened many doors for her while showing her equality was possible in television.

“I had said I’d never work for anyone ever again, but I had all my other businesses going. “I could never be in that position again,” Somer said. “If I didn’t like what was happening on Step by Step, I personally had no qualms about leaving, legally, whenever I wanted to. But it was such a pleasant experience that I didn’t want to leave!”