‘The A-Team’: Guest Star Markie Post Got Her Start as a Researcher on a Game Show

by Craig Garrett

Markie Post had a unique showbiz career trajectory, from doing research for game shows to landing guest spots on The A-Team. On top of that, she did all of this before landing her signature role on the 80s classic tv show Night Court. Fans of the sitcom no doubt notice Post in her second A-Team appearance.

In the season 3 episode “Hot Styles”, Markie Post plays a fashion model named Nina. Face (Dirk Benedict) is courting Nina when she’s kidnapped. Turns out, she’s the ex-wife of a mob boss. As usual, Face and the rest of the A-team come to her rescue. Fans of Post probably find the episode hilarious due to the ’80s fashion choices her character makes.

Night Court fans might get an even bigger kick out of her costuming in her previous appearance. In the season 2 episode “The Only Church in Town,” she plays an imposter nun. Of course, she’s much more conservatively dressed as a lawyer on Night Court. She played Christine Sullivan from 1984 to 1992 on the hit sitcom.

Markie Post’s unique path to TV Stardom

Markie Post’s appearances on The A-Team are just two stops in a strange rise to sitcom fame. Post was raised in an academic household. Both her father and brother were physicists. At first, Post attempted to follow the family tradition by studying physics in college. However, she discovered it wasn’t for her. “I was intimidated by my father,” she told the Courier Post in 1986. “He’s the dearest man in the world, and he tried to help me through math and equations. But constantly muttering ‘It’s so easy!’ didn’t make it easy for me.”

Post took an acting class by chance and fell in love with it, so she began to consider a career in Hollywood. However, she decided to keep her academic pedigree in her back pocket just in case. Post auditioned to be a game show contestant. She nailed the try-out but got hired as a game-show researcher instead. “I took all the tests and passed all the tests,” Post said. “I beat everyone flat. So, they gave me the chance to be either a contestant or a researcher with a steady job. I chose the job.”

This led to a steady stream of Game Show-related jobs for Markie Post. She bought interesting items for The Price is Right and even served as a producer on Alex Trebek’s short-lived Double Dare. However, working on game shows sparked Post’s interest in acting. She began her tv acting career in the late 1970s on shows like CHiPs and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Of course, the rest is history. Markie Post managed to have major roles in film and television from there on out. She made recent appearances in shows like Chicago PD and Santa Clarita Diet before her untimely death last year.