‘The Brady Bunch’: Barry Williams Explains Why the Show Is So Relatable

by Caitlin Berard

The beloved sitcom The Brady Bunch premiered in 1969 and ran for just five years before being canceled due to contract complications. Despite the series finale airing almost half a century ago, however, the classic TV show about a blended family in California remains popular to this day.

The series follows widower Mike Brady and widow Carol Brady, who marry and join their individual families of four to create a large household of eight. Throw in their housekeeper, Alice, and you have the nine characters who make up the timeless opening sequence and the Brady family home.

Now, there are, of course, plenty of fans who can recall the series’ original run. These fans adore the show for the fond childhood memories it inspires. A large portion of its fanbase, however, wasn’t yet alive when a new Brady Bunch episode aired weekly.

Thanks to modern streaming services, many classic TV shows are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. But Barry Williams, who played the family’s eldest son, Greg Brady, believes it’s deeper than simple renewed availability.

‘Brady Bunch’ Star Barry Williams Explains the Series’ Continued Popularity

In an interview with Hollywood Outbreak, Brady Bunch star Barry Williams attributed the show’s enduring popularity to a few things. First is the most obvious: great acting and chemistry between actors. The most powerful ingredient, however, is the timeless themes and messages of The Brady Bunch.

“I, like everyone else, am kind of an observer of the popularity and continued popularity of the show,” Williams explained. “I think there was a genuine chemistry that we had, that you could see. The show was very unpretentious. So it was easy to get that little message and moral that it delivered every week.”

“It’s about kids going through the same things that kids go through,” he continued. “So there’s a relatability to it. Whether it’s Jan and the glasses, or braces, or trying to get a first date with a high school boy, or that kind of a thing.”

Like many family-centric sitcoms, The Brady Bunch depicts realistic slices of the daily life of an average family. And though the clothing of the characters couldn’t be more ’70s, the stories they tell never go out of style.

“It could be the super groovy fashion statements we made each week,” the actor joked before revealing his true thoughts. “[The Brady Bunch] was done in a style that… Even though it’s clearly the ’70s because of the clothes, the messages that were going on weren’t so topical that they go out of… They’re not like a fad.”

“These are morals and lessons – getting along with one another; family values stuff; all for one, one for all; learn to work together; you can count on your parents; that kind of thing – that we liked to reinforce.”