‘The Brady Bunch’: Eve Plumb Said Her Upbringing Helped Her as a Child Star

by Alex Falls

The upbringing of a child star is challenging for everyone involved. Especially the child. Child stardom comes with a heavy price. But for Eve Plumb, who rose to fame as Jan Brady in the classic TV show The Brady Bunch, childhood fame didn’t hold her down in the slightest. Her early success translated into a career now spanning four decades.

Plumb didn’t plan on becoming a child star. As she explained in an interview with Closer Weekly, it all just sort of happened. “A children’s agent moved next door to me when I was a kid and I got a commercial, then I kept getting more,” Plumb said. “I shot TV pilots, appeared on The Big Valley, then Lassie, then The Brady Bunch came.”

Once The Brady Bunch launched her career to the point of no return, Plumb became instantly recognizable. However, one of the biggest obstacles to comes after is when you’re longer a child. Once you grow up, you’ve become unrecognizable to audiences.

“I had so much success as a child,” Plumb said. “But once you age out of being the cute kid, then what? If you’re not ready for it, it can be very difficult.”

Eve Plumb Fondly Remembers Her Time as Jan Brady

Plumb looks back fondly on her childhood career, but she couldn’t have done it alone. She credits her parents for keeping her goals on track and managing the fruits of her outstanding childhood career. “My father ran my career and invested my money very well,” Plumb said. “My mother was with me on set every day. They never took a cent from me!”

Once her time as Jan Brady finally came to an end, Plumb stayed on the acting path and managed to build a successful career that’s still going strong at the age of 59. Plumb said she’s not afraid to audition for anything that comes her way.

Even though she’s had so many roles over the decades, Plumb is still most recognized as Jan Brady. But she doesn’t mind. She admits it’s been a major help to her career trajectory. “If it gets me in the door [for jobs], then fine! If you’re surprised to learn I can do other things, then great!” Plumb said.

Plumb has been featured in a huge list of TV shows throughout her career. Her roles include Blue Bloods, Law & Order: SVU, and All My Children. She continues to take on new roles at every opportunity but has also never been shy about revisiting her time with the Bradys and often appears in cast reunions and documentary specials.

“I’ll always be Jan Brady to so many people. I can’t escape it, but I can do other things,” Plumb said before jokingly wondering when Jan’s end will finally come. “Isn’t [Jan] dead yet?”