‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Florence Henderson’s Kids Hilariously Asked Why She Didn’t Yell at Her TV Children

by Megan Molseed

Some Outsiders certainly recall wishing while growing up that their parents were more like those “perfect” parents we saw on TV. You know the ones, parents who always understood when their children would misbehave…and never yelled when they did.

The parents in this popular classic TV series, Robert Reed’s Mike Brady and his wife, Florence Henderson’s Carol Brady, are the quintessential example of these “perfect” TV parents. Mike and Carol Brady always approached their six children in a calm and understanding manner. Even when they did some pretty crazy things.

However, even the actress who portrays this quintessential Brady Bunch mom didn’t always remain so calm with her own children in real life. And the actress said they joked about how Carol Brady never yelled at her kids the way Henderson did to them at home.

The Brady Bunch Star Florence Henderson Remembers Her Own Children Wondering Why She Never Yelled At Her TV Kids

It must be a part of childhood these days, dreaming of being a part of a famous TV family. Even the real-life children of some of the “perfect” sitcom parents joke about wanting a mom like the one they see on TV!

At least, this is the case for The Brady Bunch star, Florence Henderson, who hilariously recalls her children asking her why she never yelled at her on-screen kids. According to the Indy Star, Florence Henderson once revealed in a 1994 interview, that her own kids used to ask her, “why don’t you ever shout at them?'” when talking about her on-screen Brady Bunch children.

This was all in good fun, though, the actress notes. In fact, her own children enjoyed the years their mother was starring in the series, especially since the ages of Henderson’s kids were similar to the ages of the Brady kids.

“Actually, they got some pleasure out of the show,” Florence Henderson relates.

“Because they were about the same age (as the ‘Brady’ kids),” the TV mom explains. “And became good friends with them.”

Florence Henderson Formed A Close Bond With Her On-Screen Brood

While The Brady Bunch was certainly a break from real life, depicting the “ideal” sitcom family life, the TV mom still formed a close bond with her on-screen kids. In fact, she often served as a maternal figure for the stars of the series, even long after the show came to an end.

In a recent interview, one of the Brady Bunch kids, Christopher Knight recalls a conversation he had with his on-screen mother, just months before she died. This was a special moment, the actor says, because she wanted to meet Knight’s girlfriend.

“That was very special,” Christopher Knight says of the moment, adding that Henderson was adamant that this relationship be “the one” for the actor…especially after a few failed marriages.

“I had to hear jabs and certainly took joking, ribbing from her at the attempts I had made in the past that didn’t stick,” Knight recalls.

“But that’s the position she took in my life,” the actor continues. “My mom had passed away, but even before my mom did, I had two moms. At that point, I had one. And it was just a wonderful feeling.”