‘The Brady Bunch’: Florence Henderson Once Speculated About Her Character’s First Husband

by Samantha Whidden

Although “The Brady Bunch” followed the life Carol Brady had with Mike Brady, Florence Henderson once speculated about her character’s first husband.

According to IndyStar, the late classic TV actress spoke about the man who came before “The Brady Bunch” occurred. “They never talked much about my first husband, ever. I killed him,” she joked. 

However, “The Brady Bunch” star did note that her character’s former spouse information was never really discussed. “No, they once showed a picture quickly, and we never mentioned it again. People accepted us as a family right away. I think they wanted to keep it that way. I’m assuming my husband was ill and passed away.”

“The Brady Bunch” follows the misadventures of a large family that united after a widower and a widow marry. The series aired from 1969 to 1974. After the show ended, Henderson notably made appearances on various specials throughout the years.

Henderson spoke about making an appearance in 1995’s “The Brady Bunch Movie,” which she had originally rejected. “They wanted me to do a cameo — some big, macho truck driver with a cigarette pack rolled up in my sleeve. I’ll do almost anything for a laugh, but that wasn’t funny. I felt like it would be cheapening ‘The Brady Bunch’ and the rapport we have built with our audience. I wouldn’t want to do anything to denigrate that show. It means so much to so many people.”

She jokingly spoke about how her actual kids struggled with watching their mother on the show. My “kids used to say, `Why don’t you ever shout at them?’ Actually, they got some pleasure out of the show because they were about the same age [as the ‘Brady’ kids] and became good friends with them.”

The actress tragically passed in November 2016 at the age of 82. 

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Florence Henderson Recalled When ‘TODAY’ Host Dave Garroway Unleashed a Barrel of Monkeys in the NBC Studio

Prior to “The Brady Bunch,” Florence Henderson was the “The Today Girl” on NBC’s “TODAY” from 1959 to 1960. The actress once recalled the infamous time when the morning show’s host Dave Garroway unleashed a barrel of monkeys in the studio. 

“He took the top off the barrel, and all the monkeys went bananas,” Henderson stated. “They were up in the [lighting] grids, they were doing naughty things all over us and the table. … It was fun, but it was also scary. A picture taken at the time shows me on top of the desk, terrified.”

Along with discussing her time on “TODAY,” Henderson talked about her Indy 500 performances. “I could only dream about coming to a race like this. So I never forget that when I stand up there to sing and I look out and see all those people. I realize I can represent my family and my fellow Hoosiers and really the United States. It really makes me feel wonderful. It’s a big, big thrill.”