‘The Brady Bunch’ Kids Almost Had a Near-Death Experience Filming This Episode

by Joe Rutland

If you think The Brady Bunch was all nice and neat all the time, then we have a story for you, and it’s not about a man named Brady. During the show’s fifth season, its last one on ABC, the entire cast would show up at an amusement park in Ohio. Not just any park but one named Kings Island, which was very popular back in the 1970s.

This episode is titled The Cincinnati Kids. And the premise revolves around architect Mike Brady, played by Robert Reed, traveling to present plans for an addition. MeTV reported that in the plot, we see Jan, played by Eve Plumb, walking off with Mike’s plans. She thinks they are her Yogi Bear poster.

Loose Camera Almost Proved Fatal On ‘The Brady Bunch’

While it might seem strange to see Yogi Bear show up on The Brady Bunch, there is a master plan of sorts around this. At the time of the show’s run, Paramount produced The Brady Bunch and owned stock in Taft Broadcasting. It was a Cincinnati-based company that owned both Hanna-Barbera Productions and Kings Island at the same time. Oh, Yogi Bear is one of the most famous characters created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

OK, so, the scene in question revolves around a wooden roller coaster. Family members are riding in that thing but a test run took place first without them. Why? Reed happened to see that the camera at the front looked a bit unsteady. Sherwood Schwartz, who created the show, thought the camera was too tall. His concern was that it was going to hit an overhang. All of this led to that test run on the roller coaster’s tracks. Good thing.

It was during this initial run that the camera flew off. The car would come back to its main station without a camera. If anyone had been in there, then it would have been a serious injury happening to someone. We understand that Reed and Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady, might have been the cast members to avoid injury. Once she saw what happened, though, Olsen simply said no to taking a ride on the roller coaster for The Brady Bunch episode.

For that scene, a stunt double was used. To cover that person’s face, Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady, put his hands up in the air. It looked good on the TV screen when getting ready to go down the ride’s steep grade. But that could have been quite dangerous and, dare we say, fatal if that camera had flown off with people in there? The show would wrap up its run and become a staple in the world of syndicated reruns.