‘The Brady Bunch’: Sherwood Schwartz’s Son Set the Record Straight on Alleged Cast Romance

by Craig Garrett

The Brady Bunch has had rumors of an affair between the cast mates for years, and a key crew member is setting the record straight. The Brady Bunch ran for five seasons from 1970-74 and has run on syndication ever since. A favorite for generations of classic TV lovers, the original series spawned many spin-offs. These include a variety show and two feature film adaptations in the 90s. It’s no wonder that with the show’s staying power, that one rumor has been speculated on by fans for decades. Now the son of show creator Sherwood Schwartz is putting the rumor to rest.

Lloyd Schwartz worked alongside his father, Sherwood on the original 1970s The Brady Bunch series. Schwartz still protects the legacy of the classic sitcom to this day. For years, stories have circulated about Florence Henderson (Carol Brady) and Barry Williams (Greg Brady) having dated. While speaking with Fox News, he directly addressed the long-standing rumor.

The Brady Bunch rumors are false, according to series producer

“There have always been rumors about Barry and Florence having a date or affair, depending on who you ask. It was all smoke and mirrors,” Schwartz said. “The reality is, Barry was interested in music, Florence was married with four kids. Barry’s dad drove them to see this singer. After that, dad drove them home, and she kissed him on the cheek. That was the extent of the so-called affair between Barry and Florence,” the Brady Bunch producer concluded. The rumor was rekindled when Barry Williams mentioned it in a book he wrote in 1992. “I remember Florence called me and said, ‘You know, there’s a thing in Barry’s book.’ I told her, ‘No, don’t worry Florence, nobody’s going to think much of it.’ I was very wrong.”

Despite rumors of the affair being unfounded, Schwartz revealed a similar plot might have been used in a Brady Bunch project. “We were talking about maybe developing a show where Mike Brady passed away, and [Florence Henderson’s character] started to date one of Greg Brady’s friends seriously,” Schwartz said. “We thought it would have been very interesting to go in that direction. I remember I called [Henderson], and she was very excited about it.” Sadly, Florence Henderson passed away in 2016 before the project came together.

Though decades have passed since The Brady Bunch concluded, Schwartz revealed he still keeps in touch with cast members. “I’m still close with all of the kids,” he said. “I identified the most with Christopher Knight because there were three boys in my family, and I too was the middle one. So it was fun having someone to identify with on television. But we all remained very close over the years.”

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