‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Christopher Knight Remembers ‘Special’ Moment With Ann B. Davis

by Caitlin Berard

On September 26, 1969, the first episode of the classic TV series The Brady Bunch aired, marking the beginning of what would become one of the most iconic television shows of all time. The sitcom followed the blended Brady family, consisting of Mike (Robert Reed) and Carol Brady (Florence Henderson) and their six children, who live in a Los Angeles suburb with their live-in housekeeper, Alice Nelson (Ann B. Davis).

Through the series’ 5-season run, the actors behind the fictional Brady family formed close bonds in real life, and many of them remain friends to this day. And though Ann B. Davis passed away in 2014, the six former child stars still hold fond memories of their on-screen housekeeper and role model.

In a recent Instagram post, Christopher Knight, the actor behind the family’s middle son, Peter Brady, shares one such memory with fans. The picture is a screen grab of The Brady Bunch in which Alice sits on the couch next to Peter and the other children while they watch television. “Spending time with Alice, always special,” he wrote in the caption.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Ann B. Davis Once Revealed She Wasn’t ‘Good With Kids’

While Alice wasn’t technically the Brady family’s nanny, she often dispensed words of wisdom to the children, who clearly looked up to her. In Ann B. Davis’ words, Alice provided “an intermediary between kids and adults.”

Watching The Brady Bunch, you would guess that the actress was a natural with children. According to Ann B. Davis, herself, however, this was not the case. In an interview with the Television Academy, Davis revealed that, in reality, she had virtually no experience with children before the show.

“I’m not good with kids,” she explained. “[The children] discovered that pretty soon, if they had any questions, they’d go to Florence [Henderson, who played Carol Brady]. Or Lloyd [Schwartz, producer]. Actually, they were very close to Lloyd.”

“I have no idea why,” she continued. “I was the youngest in the family and I just never ran around with kids much. My twin sister got better at it because she had [kids]. I assume if I’d had some, I would have gotten good with them myself. But I never got to that point.”

Despite her inexperience and self-proclaimed lack of natural ability, Ann and the children became fast friends. “But the kids, they liked me,” she said. “But I had to treat them like adults because I didn’t know how to treat them like kids. Which kids appreciate from time to time.”