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‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Marks ‘Lei Day’ With Photo From Classic Hawaii Episodes

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for WebMD)

Today is national Lei Day, and classic TV star Maureen McCormick is celebrating with a throwback pic from one of the most iconic The Brady Bunch episodes ever filmed.

Each year, Lei Day falls on May 1st. The holiday celebrates the “Aloha spirit” of Hawaiian culture. And as the name suggests, people do that by donning a traditional lei around their neck or heads.

And in a photo from the 1972 Brady Bunch installment titled Hawaii Bound, the entire cast is doing just that.

“I could not resist!” McCormick captioned. “Happy #LeiDay Y’all.”

The episode was actually one of three that the actors filmed on the Hawaiian Islands. In the first story, the family heads to the islands to enjoy a much-needed vacation. But while there, Peter and Bobby unearth an ancient Tiki idol that is said to bring bad luck to all who touch it.

Then in the following two episodes, the boys battle a string of misfortunes that they believe are due to the idol’s curse. And they learn that the only way to restore their normal lives, they take the idol to an ancient burial ground. But when they get there, Bobby and Peter run into an archeologist who imprisons them for taking the artifact.

Fortunately, Bobby and Peter escaped the angry archeologist, and their luck returned to normal. But before it did, the curse struck one of the Brady Bunch actors.

Cindy Olsen Nearly Drowned While Filming ‘The Brady Bunch’ Hawaii Episodes

According to an interview with Cindy Olsen and Florence Henderson, Olsen nearly drowned while filming on location in Hawaii. And if it wasn’t for Henderson’s quick reaction, Olsen may have died.

During a documentary, the two Brady Bunch stars recalled that day well. The cast was rehearsing a scene in an outrigger on the open water when a camera crew collided with them and knocked Olsen overboard. But because the young actress couldn’t swim, she panicked.

Luckily, Henderson knew that Olsen didn’t know how to swim. So when she saw her hit the water, she immediately jumped into action.

“All I could think of was I knew that Susan didn’t swim,” she recalled.

And decades later, Susan Olsen still remembers the trauma of the incident. As the star continued, she said she grabbed onto the side of the boat, but the current was too strong. And just when she was about to go completely under, her TV mom pulled her from the ocean.

“I’m hanging on just the point where I got where I couldn’t hang on anymore, then Florence grabbed me,” she said.

“I didn’t have any family on that outrigger to calm me down,” Olsen continued. “Except for Florence.”