‘The Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Thanks Henry Winkler for Sharing His Fishing Exploits

by Joe Rutland

When the paths of two classic TV stars cross, then it’s something as The Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick calls out to Henry Winkler. On Sunday, Winkler wrapped up his summer fishing trip to Idaho. He happened to share a great photo of him and his final catch. Winkler has been doing some fishing in the Snake River up there. And McCormick happened to notice his sweet photo. It leads her to comment along with all of his many fans on Twitter.

We agree that it’s been great to see Winkler share all of his photos with us, too. McCormick has been busy living her life after many years in the limelight. Of course, she played Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch. Winkler had a good run, to say the least, as motorcycle-riding Arthur Fonzarelli on Happy Days. It’s a crossover for those 1970s TV fans that gives some of us goosebumps.

Maureen McCormick of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Handed Out Well Wishes To Mel Brook

Meanwhile, McCormick recently celebrated the birthday of the legendary Mel Brooks. Brooks has been involved in the world of show business for decades, providing laughs in movies like Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein. He, too, has a little classic TV history in his career. Brooks was one of the writers for comedy legend Sid Caesar. McCormick wrote, “Happy birthday @MelBrooks From your forever fan, Maureen xx”. Hey, she’s not the only forever fan of Mel’s work. Did you know that Brooks had a key role in the creation of the Don Adams classic sitcom Get Smart? Just go ahead and call him a legend. He’s been at it longer than McCormick, but they are both legends in some people’s eyes.

Let’s toss in a little The Brady Bunch stuff for your reading pleasure. McCormick shared a little bit about Robert Reed for Father’s Day. Reed played patriarch Mike Brady on the ABC sitcom. He also came from a background as a Shakespearean actor, too. Well, McCormick wrote, “I must say that all you Dads out there look simply fabulous in an apron!!! Truly!!!” You have to also see the picture she shared on Instagram.

Reed is in the famed Brady kitchen with an apron around his waist. Costars Florence Henderson and Ann B. Davis, who played Carol Brady and Alice respectively, are shown cracking up in laughter. That sitcom, which ran between 1969-74, remains a staple in the land of reruns. McCormick’s costar Barry Williams just celebrated his wedding anniversary to his wife Tina. McCormick stays close to her fellow castmates from The Brady Bunch as well. It remains so good to see her active and vibrant in many aspects of life beyond her TV work