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‘The Brady Bunch’: Tom Hanks Remembers First Time Seeing Wife Rita Wilson When She Guest Starred on the Show

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Massimo Insabato/Archivio Massimo Insabato/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

He may not have even known her name yet, but when a young teenage Tom Hanks first set sight on Rita Wilson in 1972, he knew there was something special about the actress. It was Wilson’s first television role on the classic television sitcom series The Brady Bunch portraying a cheerleader during tryouts. Wilson takes the stage to perform her routine along with Maureen McCormack’s Marcia Brady as Greg Brady (Barry Williams) sits in as judge.

“I was actually at a friend of mine’s house when it aired,” Tom Hanks tells reporters per a People report.

“And I remember thinking ‘that girl’s cute,’” the Oscar-winning actor adds.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s Hollywood Romance Begins Years Before With The Brady Bunch

It would still be decades before Tom Hanks would meet his future wife. However, he still remembers the moment he first laid eyes on the actress on the small screen. And, Hanks has said, high-school Tom Hanks may never have had the nerve to talk to Rita Wilson back in those days.

“I still can’t believe my wife goes out with me,” Tom Hanks quips of Wilson.

“If we were in high school and I was just funny, I’d never have the courage to talk to her,” the award-winning actor says.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s Storybook Hollywood Romance

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson first met in 1985 while filming the comedy Volunteers. By 1987, the duo began their storybook romance; marrying a year later. Over the years, the couple has worked on a variety of projects together while also raising their two sons.

“I wish there was a secret, you know,” Tom Hanks says of his and Rita Wilson’s idyllic decades-long romance.

“We just like each other,” the actor says. “You start there.”

Hanks and Wilson Still Work Together Making Some Big-Time Cameos

Most recently, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson stepped in to play some brief but enormously memorable guest-starring roles in the hit Taylor Sheridan western drama series, 1883. In the episode, Boring Devil, Wilson breaks out the whiskey playing Carolyn, or “Mrs. Carol”. Wilson’s character shares a scene with longtime friend Faith Hill who portrays Margaret Dutton on the hit series.

In another episode, Tom Hanks joins his and Rita’s dear friends country music superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in 1883 portraying Civil War General George Meade. In this episode, Hanks’ Meade approaches McGraw’s James Dutton as he looks over the horrifying remnants of a Civil War battle as dozens of dead soldiers remain where they fell.

As Hanks approaches Dutton, few words are spoken. However, the intensity of the scene remains one of the most memorable of the series to date.