‘The Brady Bunch’: Why Florence Henderson Rejected a Proposed Storyline for a Spinoff Movie

by Megan Molseed

The popular classic TV series The Brady Bunch may have signed off the TV airwaves in 1974. However, that did not slow the strong following the series continued to have decades later…even to this day. So, when a Brady Bunch movie, aptly titled The Brady Bunch Movie, was released in 1995, just 20 years after the series went off the air, it was no surprise that fan support turned it into a major hit.

However, one of the most familiar faces from the original series, Florence Henderson, wasn’t sure about the film, at first. In fact, Henderson, who portrays The Brady Bunch matriarch, Carol Brady, in the sitcom series, initially turned down a cameo appearance in the film.

Florence Henderson Turned Down One Role In The Hit 1995 Brady Bunch Film

When The Brady Bunch Movie was released in 1995, fans of the series were pleasantly surprised to see that many of the original Brady Bunch players were all-too-happy to make some fun cameos in the film. However, one favorite cameo almost never made it into the popular movie.

When The Brady Bunch Movie filmmakers approached Carol Brady actress Florence Henderson about a cameo role in the 1995 film, the actress’s first reaction was to say “no.”

This decision, Henderson says, was largely due to the scene in which filmmakers wanted the actress to make her cameo appearance.

“They wanted me to do a cameo,” Florence Henderson once said per Indy Star. However, the actress says, this role was too far outside of the type of character she would like to portray when making her appearance in the film.

According to Henderson, the initial cameo proposal had her portraying “some big, macho truck driver with a cigarette pack rolled up in my sleeve.”

And, Henderson said of the part, while she’ll “do almost anything for a laugh,” this just “wasn’t funny.”

“I felt like it would be cheapening The Brady Bunch,” the actress related. Something Henderson was very careful not to do. She felt as if she had developed a sort of “rapport” with the Brady Bunch audience.

“I wouldn’t want to do anything to denigrate that show,” Henderson explained. “It means so much to so many people.”

Florence Henderson Lands The Perfect Cameo Role In The Brady Bunch Movie

Fans who have seen The Brady Bunch Movie know that while Florence Henderson did not make her cameo in a semi. However, she did make it into the film! It’s a fun cameo, too, as she pops up at the very end of the film; portraying Carol Brady’s (Shelly Long) mother.

In this appearance, Henderson’s grandmother character has a heart-to-heart with Jennifer Elise Cox’s Jan Brady. This heart-to-heart is about Jan’s obsession with sister Marcia (Christine Taylor). Henderson’s grandmother character eventually convinces Jan to let her obsession go…(Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!, anyone?) Only for her younger sister, Cindy (Olivia Hack), to develop the same type of obsession over Jan.