‘The Brady Bunch’s Maureen McCormick Wishes ‘Happy Days’ Henry Winkler Happy Birthday in Epic Throwback

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

It’s always cool to have a classic TV throwback and we have one right here that involves Henry Winkler, who is celebrating a birthday. We get a little kick out of seeing Maureen McCormick share quite a throwback photo with everyone. She posted a photo of her in a Happy Days episode. No, it definitely is not something from The Brady Bunch. You can see McCormick among four of the main stars on Happy Days.

Besides Henry Winkler as the forever cool Arthur Fonzarelli or Fonzie, we have Donny Most as Ralph, Ron Howard as Richie, and Anson Williams as Potsie. We don’t know exactly what episode McCormick appeared in in the show. But it probably looks like a photo from the earlier seasons of Happy Days. It’s a tender way for McCormick to wish her TV friend a happy birthday. We think the photo is pretty cool and it’s quite a mashup of talent from the 1970s.

Henry Winkler Picked Up First Emmy For His Work On ‘Barry’

While Henry Winkler will forever be tied to Happy Days, he’s actually staying quite busy in the acting world these days. If you follow his career for any amount of time, then you know that he’s playing Gene Cousineau on the HBO series Barry. Many fans of his work always wondered whether or not the beloved actor would ever win an Emmy. Some of them probably could not believe that he never won one for his work as Fonzie. But he didn’t and it took until playing on Barry for him to get his first Emmy Award.

Now, he can put that major award up on his mantle and proudly look at it all the time. Henry Winkler is also a man who gives back to society in his own way. As a person who has dealt with dyslexia all of his life, Winkler started putting some of his experiences into book form. He has a lot of them out now. But his work as an actor keeps him busy. Winkler loves to go fishing when he’s not on the set. Millions of fans get to see him share pictures of trout that he’s posted on his social media accounts.

One thing that Henry Winkler says that Fonzie did teach him was about keeping his own cool. In an interview, Winkler said, “‘The Fonz’ has been great for me. You know what? I’ve now finally learned the policy of being with only pros or human beings: ‘No a–holes.'” Winkler has had his struggles in his life and career. But he’s got a beloved following of fans and admirers. Go ahead and put Maureen McCormick among that group, too.