‘The Carol Burnett Show’: Carol Burnett Didn’t Want to Do ‘The Same Thing’ When it Came To TV

by Megan Molseed

When asked what she prefers doing, stage performances or television, longtime actress, and comedian Carol Burnett answers with a resounding “Television!” The thing she loves about TV, Burnett explains is that it gives her a chance to explore many new exciting roles. In theater, the comedian says, she can get sort of “hamstrung, doing the same thing night after night.”

Carol Burnett Reflects On What She Loves – And Doesn’t Love – About Acting In the Theater

In a Let’s Talk To Lucy episode, the famous actress and comedian Carol Burnett takes a moment to discuss various topics with another iconic comedian, Lucille Ball. And, Burnett explains to her friend and fellow actress in the discussion, that while she will always love theater…television acting has always had a special spot in her heart.

“All the theater people are going to hate me,” the comedian quips. But, Burnett is quick to point out that she will always be grateful to the “audiences in the theater.”

“They are marvelous,” Carol Burnett says of the theater audiences she has encountered during her career. Burnett adds that, while she prefers the flexibility that television affords, there are things she loves about stage acting.

“The saving grace about theater is that you do get a chance to perfect something,” she explains. “And to get a laugh the right way.”

It Was Anything But Curtains For Carol Burnett’s Career When She Portrays Gone With The Wind’s Scarlett O’Hara In One Of The Most Iconic Moments In Comedy

Carol Burnett’s TV experience is one that leaves a lasting legacy on sketch comedy television. From 1967 until 1978, the comedian – and a troop of other talented comedians – entertained The Carol Burnett Show audiences with a variety of now-famous sketches. While there are many moments from the Carol Burnett Show that have brought us unmatched comedy gold, one scene stands out as the most iconic of the series.

During a spoof of the classic film Gone With The Wind, The Carol Burnett Show players brought us Went With The Wind. And with it, came Burnett’s most famous moment, a big part of her comedy legacy. The moment she steps onto the landing of a grand staircase, draped in literal drapes; curtain rod and all.

“They put together this 20 minutes of, I think, brilliant writing,” Burnett says of the comedy skit.

“When Harvey says ‘I love that dress, that gown is gorgeous and I say ‘I saw it in the window, I just couldn’t resist it’ it was a brilliant line,” Burnett says of the hilarious scene. “It was just a joy from beginning to end.”