‘The Golden Girls’: Betty White’s Estate Reveals a ‘Favorite’ Photo of Her, Fans Are Loving It

by Joe Rutland

It is definitely not a stretch to remember that classic TV show The Golden Girls star Betty White loved animals a whole lot. She never shied away from being seen with everything from dogs to spiders. Animals were beloved in her eyes and deserved respect and care. When her estate decides to show off a “favorite” photo of Betty, then would it be without animals? Oh hardly. This lady is seen in this photo shared on Instagram with a couple of cute pooches. Apparently, this was from a photoshoot White did and those in charge of her account remember it, too. Take a look at what’s written while trying not to smile along with Betty.

Well, now that it is “Pawgust,” what are some of her fans saying about this snap? One writes, “I love it.” We do, too. Another fan says, “Beautiful photo. I miss her”. That sentiment is shared by millions of people around the United States and the world, too. This fan states, “Betty in all her glory!” She’s definitely got that sweet smile working along with the couple of dogs in her arms.

Betty White Almost Ended Up Playing Blanche on ‘The Golden Girls’

Man, who doesn’t miss Betty White? Honestly. And she was just really close to turning 100 years old when, sadly, she died last New Year’s Eve at 99. Everyone was pulling for her to make it. We were, too. Alas, though, White happened to be the final cast member of The Mary Tyler Moore Show to be alive. Humorously, Ed Asner, who played Lou Grant on there, would tweet out after Gavin MacLeod died that “Betty! It’s just you and me now.” Asner and MacLeod also died in 2021, leaving behind fantastic careers, too. In case you forgot, White played Sue Ann Nivens, “The Happy Homemaker,” and someone who had the hots for Lou on the show. Their scenes together were funny and laugh-out-loud hilarity.

Oh, those episodes of The Golden Girls are still hilarious to watch. Betty White, of course, played Rose Nylund on the show. She more than held her own with some other major costars. Bea Arthur and Rue McClanahan also had some classic TV roots in their careers, too. Arthur started in the 1970s sitcom Maude. McClanahan also appeared on that show as well as Mama’s Family.

It was on that one where McClanahan and White actually worked together. Then, those two find themselves on the popular NBC sitcom that included Estelle Getty. Did you know at first that White was supposed to possibly play Blanche Devereaux, McClanahan’s character? And, in fact, McClanahan was up for playing Rose? Well, it worked out pretty well that the casting turned out to be like it was.