‘The Golden Girls’: Take an Inside Look at the Show-Themed Pop-Up Restaurant

by Caitlin Berard

For seven years, Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia delighted audiences with their witty banter and unbreakable friendship on the classic TV series The Golden Girls. And though the series finale aired over 30 years ago, the four best friends remain a cornerstone of American pop culture to this day.

Thanks to the series’ timeless comedy, and the wide variety of modern streaming services, the quartet continues to gain new fans every day, many of whom weren’t yet alive when the iconic sitcom was enjoying its initial run.

For those of us who dream of eating late-night cheesecake at the kitchen table or relaxing on the lanai with the girls, there’s no such thing as “enough” Golden Girls. Because of this, there’s Golden Girls merchandise in just about every size and shape imaginable.

From predictable options like t-shirts, mugs, and pins, to more unexpected creations like earrings and tarot cards, there’s no shortage of products emblazoned with our four favorite ladies. Still, however, wearing a pair of Golden Girls socks isn’t quite the same as exploring the girls’ wicker bedecked Miami home.

Thankfully, Derek Berry, the mastermind behind nostalgia pop-ups like Saved by the Max and Good Burger has shared that exact sentiment for years.

Take a Look Inside the ‘Golden Girls’ Pop-Up in Los Angeles

In a collaboration with Bucket Listers and a host of local chefs, Derek Berry is preparing to open a Golden Girls pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles. And not just any restaurant. This one contains an exact replica of some of the most iconic set pieces in the series, including Blanche’s bedroom and the girls’ beloved kitchen.

The pop-up will also feature a rotating assortment of special events, panels, and merch drops. “Bringing Golden Girls to life has always been a dream of mine,” Berry explained in a statement. “Our team is confident that both die-hard fans of the show and first-timers alike will leave with a deeper appreciation for the show’s lasting legacy.”

The most ardent Golden Girls fans will be delighted to learn that the menu includes several memorable dishes from the series. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true Golden Girls menu without four different types of cheesecake. However, the Kitchen also offers Sperheoven Krispies, Genurkenflurgen Cake, Sophia’s Lasagna Al Forno, and a Bacon Lettuce and Potato Sandwich, which the menu recommends ordering fast.

The Golden Girls Kitchen will open on July 30th, just in time for Golden Girls Day (a.k.a. National Cheesecake Day). Sadly, the only location (so far) is in Los Angeles. Four other locations are set to open in the fall, but their locations have yet to be announced. In the meantime, Good Morning America gave those of us unable to attend a sneak peek at the spectacular creation.