‘The Jetsons’: Why Social Media Is Going Crazy About George Jetson 60 Years Later

by Megan Molseed

The future is here…or, according to a bit of information that has now gone viral, the future is here as of today, Sunday, July 31, 2022. This is, after all, some internet posts note, the day the famous futuristic cartoon TV husband and dad, George Jetson of The Jetsons is born!

Recently, a fan took to Twitter to share this interesting birthday, noting that the famous animated cartoon character would be born this weekend. And, Twiiter users are loving every second of this trending topic.

“I don’t mean to alarm anyone,” the tweet notes. “[B]ut someone is about to give birth to George Jetson.”

The tweet includes a chart noting some basic family info about George Jetson including the name of his grandfather (Montague Jetson) and his wife, Jane. Highlighted at the bottom of the visual is the character’s birthday…July 31, 2022.

Fans Of The Jetsons Are Celebrating The Date Of George’s Birth

It’s a fun bit of trivia, however, we aren’t exactly sure where this information originated. According to a MeTV report, there are no official records of George Jetson’s actual birthdate. But, we can definitely see how the family man would have a 2022 birthday.

After all, the cartoon, which premiered in 1962 is set 100 years in the future. That would put the Jetson character at about 40 years old in 2062. Even the Cartoon Network joined in on the birthday fun.

“Fun fact,” the Cartoon Network replies to the original Tweet.

“[O]n The Jetsons George is 40 years old in the year 2062!,” the comment notes. “So him being born in 2022 makes sense.”

“Apart from the flying cars, we’re pretty close,” another Twitter user points out.

“We have robots vacuuming, and flat TVs, and [smartwatches], and video calls, and other stuff,” the commenter notes. “And I don’t think we’re that far off on the flying cars.”

Another Twitter user pleads with all the new parents out there with the surname Jetson to “please” name the child George. And, that’s not a bad call!

“[P]lease please please,” the fan writes. “If your last name is Jetson & you have a baby idc if their boy or girl or you leave their pronouns undetermined until they decide for themselves BUT you MUST name them George<‘ the tweet continues adding, “[P]lease. your heroic actions will be rewarded by the universe.”

The Not-So-Far-Away Future Of The Jetsons

The Jetsons is one of the most iconic cartoons to come from the Hanna-Barbera Production company. The cartoon made its debut on ABC on September 23, 1962. Since the turn of the millennium, interest in the classic cartoon has been revived as the seemingly impossible 21st-century future became a reality.

The cartoon follows the Jetson family patriarch Geroge Jetson, his wife, Jane, and their two kids Judy and Elroy. The family has a pup named Astro who lives with them in their Orbit City skypad apartment.