‘The Munsters’: Rob Zombie Announces Wrap on Filming for New Character Named Floop: PHOTO

by Caitlin Berard

As the premiere of Rob Zombie’s The Munsters remake inches closer, the final pieces of the film are coming together. After assembling a star-studded cast and building every house on Mockingbird Lane (including a stunning recreation of 1313, of course), Rob Zombie and his crew got to work bringing a modern-day Munsters to life.

The film includes both classic Munsters characters and new faces. Fans can expect to see at least three beloved members of the Munsters family: Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips), Lily, (Sheri Moon Zombie), and Grandpa Munster (Daniel Roebuck). The children, Marilyn and Eddie Munster, have been confirmed to “make an appearance” in the film, but no casting details have been released.

Though he’s staying true to the classic TV series in many ways, Rob Zombie is also adding his own flair to the film. In addition to the classic characters, Zombie dreamed up a few of his own. Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, “Transylvania’s most popular mad scientist,” will join the cast of characters, along with Zoya Krupp, whose identity is unknown but who appears to be a witch.

Zombie also created Floop, “Dr. Wolfgang’s hunchback assistant and Herman Munster’s best buddy,” played by Lost star Jorge Garcia. And in a recent Instagram post, Rob Zombie announced that the Floop scenes were finished, putting the Munsters reboot one step closer to completion.

“Another day… another Munster,” Zombie wrote in the caption. “That’s a wrap on our new pal [Jorge Garcia]. Trust me gang you are gonna love FLOOP. The best hunchback assistant since Marty Feldman’s Igor.”

Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ Reboot Features a Few Changes From Classic Sitcom

Rob Zombie’s The Munsters reboot won’t be a carbon copy of the original TV series. However, the anticipated alterations could improve upon the franchise rather than damage it.

For example, Rob Zombie’s film is expected to be in full color rather than the black and white of the original. This will allow for more detail in every aspect of the film. Set pieces, costumes, and makeup designs that would be lost in a black and white production will be on full display in a colorful film.

Then there’s the Munsters home itself. From set images proudly shared by Rob Zombie, it appears that the new 1313 Mockingbird Lane has a far spookier appearance than the traditional family home in which the Munsters lived in the sitcom. And when it comes to the Munster family, the more cobwebs, the better, in our opinion.

In addition to the new character additions, Rob Zombie made alterations to at least one existing character. Igor, who was Grandpa’s pet bat in the sitcom and only communicated through squeaks, will be human in the reboot. This suggests that Rob Zombie drew inspiration from both the classic sitcom and the 1981 film The Munsters’ Revenge.

Details regarding the film remain sparse, even as it nears the end of the production stage. We do know, however, that it’s rated “PG” and is scheduled to premiere later this year.