‘The Munsters’ Star Butch Patrick Announces New YouTube Channel Exploring the Classic Series

by Craig Garrett

Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster on the classic tv show The Munsters, has launched a new YouTube channel. To document his travels and fan appreciation, Patrick announced the establishment of a new YouTube channel called “All Things Munsters.” Patrick is most recognized for playing a werewolfish young boy named Eddie Munster on The Munsters in the 1960s. The program began in 1964 and ran until 1966, chronicling the lives of a family of friendly monsters. Despite only being on the air for two years, the show has gained generations of fans through syndication and streaming services. The show’s popularity prompted the Munsters film series, as well as several spin-off TV series.

Following the announcement that Rob Zombie was developing a film adaptation of The Munsters, interest in the show has resurfaced. Now, the project is nearly here, with The Munsters set to premiere on Netflix on September 27, 2022. The film will serve as a prequel to the 1960s series and tell the backstory of The Munsters’ characters. Butch Patrick himself is cast in the film in a different role.

With a renewed interest in the series in mind, Butch Patrick started his new YouTube channel, All Things Munsters. Patrick said in his announcement video that he has spent his life traveling the world since leaving The Munsters and has met fans everywhere. Now, he wants to share his expertise, affection for the show, and previous and future travels with fans. Fans were urged to join him on his trip as he retraces the steps of all those who made The Munsters possible.

How Butch Patrick’s YouTube channel will carry on The Munsters’ legacy

Despite being canceled after only two seasons, The Munsters has a large following today, and this is one aspect that will be addressed in Patrick’s channel. Since Butch Patrick is the final living cast member, many fans see him as a keeper of the flame. He’s one of the last living resources about the classic show. This makes his channel of special interest to generations of Munsters fans.

In an interview with SciFi Radio last year, Butch Patrick recalled how he almost didn’t get The Munsters part. “I started working in the 1960s prior to The Munsters with the two shows General Hospital and The Real McCoys,” he said. “During casting of The Munsters, they had actually hired Happy Derman for the part. But the network didn’t like Happy and they didn’t like Joan Marshall. So they recast Yvonne De Carlo as Lily and they needed a new kid. I was living with my grandmother in Illinois at the time and my agent convinced the network to fly me in for a screen test.” According to Patrick, the choice was made instantly. ” I went directly from the airport to the studio. I put on the makeup, we did a screen test and they said “don’t go home, make arrangements and report to work!”