‘The Nanny’ Star Fran Drescher Speaks On the Impact of Having a Service Dog in Her Life

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

In 1985, Fran Drescher, star of the classic TV series The Nanny, experienced a nightmare made real. While relaxing with a friend at home, two men broke into the actress’s home and assaulted both her and her friend at gunpoint. After the rape, Fran Drescher’s life was never quite the same. She now had a “veil of PTSD” hanging over her every move and choice.

Bravely, the actress decided to take action rather than allow her trauma to ruin her life. She adopted a dog, who would not only be a friend but a reassurance that she’s never alone. After unexpectedly losing her 6-year-old Pomeranian, Samson, Drescher found her current companion, a Husky-German Shepherd mix named Angel Grace Drescher.

The bond between Fran and Angel was instantaneous. In an interview with NBC, Drescher recalled seeing her new friend for the first time. “I go to the rescue place and they put her on a leash,” Fran said. “And she literally pushed me down on the ground and started kissing my whole face.”

‘The Nanny’ Star Fran Drescher Says Angel Gave Her a ‘Full, Rich Life’

Since the day of Angel’s adoption, Fran Drescher has rarely been without her beloved pal. During the UN Women for Peace Association Luncheon to End Violence Against Women, Fran Drescher opened up about what that companionship means to her.

Fran Drescher says she’s “one of the lucky ones” – The Nanny star lived to identify her attacker, who was sentenced to 150 years in prison without the possibility of parole. However, that luck did little to assuage her trauma. It was only after adopting a service dog that she finally began to feel safe again.

“I am a survivor who has managed to get on with my life in spite of the veil of PTSD that I have learned to live with,” Drescher said. “And I am rarely alone without my service dog. I am often amazed by how much more relaxed I am walking down the streets, moving through airports, or entering a hotel room because I am with my friend, companion, and protector.”

With her friend Angel by her side, Fran Drescher now lives a happier, more carefree life. “I have a full, rich life full of both pleasure and purpose,” the actress explained.

The Nanny star went on to passionately describe her views on women’s rights. “We all, as a collective, must have zero tolerance for any and all misconduct from the most minor wolf whistles on the street to denying of education,” Drescher said. “Who to marry or not marry at all, what to wear, legislating a woman’s body, work pay equality, to physical abuse, rape, human trafficking, and enslavement.”

“Every aspect of disrespecting a woman’s rights is an eventual justification towards violence,” she concluded.