‘The Waltons’: How Kami Cotler Really Felt When Elizabeth’s First Boyfriend Was Cast

by Taylor Cunningham

When it came time for Elizabeth to find her first love on The Waltons, actress Kami Cotler said that the experience started out completely nerve-wracking and mortifying.

In an interview with Cinephiled, Cotler, the actress who played young Elizabeth, admitted that both she and her classic TV character were uninterested in boyfriends at the time. And the cast and crew were aware of that. So, they made it a point to taunt and tease her about her upcoming mushy storyline.

“That was hard!” she said. “The crew made fun of it.”

And Cotler’s fears of season 9, when she met her fictional beau, Drew Cutler, grew even deeper when the series dropped an advertisement that said, “Will teenage passion cause problems for The Waltons?”

But luckily for her, meeting and working with the teen who played Drew wasn’t as bad as she imagined. So all the angst turned out to be for nothing.

That actor was a rising star named Tony Becker. He began working in the industry at just 9 years old. Before heading to Walton Mountain, he worked on series such as The Texas Wheelers, The Oregan Trail, and Little House on the Prairie. And he also made his silver screen debut in Bound for Glory at 13.

‘The Waltons’ Stars Had Nothing in Common Off-Screen

Playing out a love story with Becker was easy because none of the chemistry was carried off-screen. The teens had absolutely no real-live interest in each other. But they did enjoy being friends.

“Tony Becker was a really lovely guy,” Cotler said.

While Elizabeth and Drew were believable on TV, once filming wrapped up, they went back to being themselves. And they were complete opposites, which made it easy to keep the butterflies at bay.

“He was sort of a cowboy,” Cotler admitted. “He liked horses, and he liked to go four-wheeling, while I, at 15, fancied myself as a very sophisticated intellectual! The fact that he didn’t want to talk about F. Scott Fitzgerald, I was like, ‘Ugh, what do we have in common?’ But he was very sweet.”

In a Facebook post, Kami Cotler expanded on her platonic relationship with Tony Becker by saying, “he was great to work with and I think he did a beautiful job in the part.”

But she made sure to add another reason that they were incompatible.

“When I was a teenager I thought his giant truck was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen….” she noted.

Nonetheless, fans have continued to mention on forums and social media that they need to see a movie that shows. the couple saying “I do.” While the actor made it back for every reunion made, they never made it to the alter.

“Still need a Walton reunion where Elizabeth and Drew get married,” a fan mentioned on her Facebook post. “So many want that.”