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‘The Waltons’: How This Classic TV Star Found a Love for the Road Later in Life

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

The classic TV drama”The Waltons” ran on CBS for an impressive nine seasons between 1972 and 1981. Across those nine seasons, fans watched as the Waltons’ youngest son, James Robert grew and matured. More commonly referred to as Jim-Bob Walton, the character pursued a variety of passions, pertaining to everything from music to American history. Within the confines of the show, the dynamic character always held lofty goals. However, his actor, David W Harper later found a much quieter life, taking to the road as a delivery truck driver.

Do You Remember? reports Jim-Bob Walton’s actor, David W. Harper, took to the acting industry “with a bang.” His first acting role saw him as the beloved “The Waltons” character. However, Harper inhibited his role as the youngest Walton son differently. Previously, the actor revealed he played Jim-Bob as himself.

That meant Jim-Bob’s passion for a multitude of topics and activities was a genuine David W. Harper trait. The outlet states both the actor and the character pursued whatever interested them. And fans of “The Waltons” got to watch as David W. Harper’s character grew, roughly aged 10 to 20.

David W Harper Transitions From ‘The Waltons’ TV Star to Truck Driver

The final iteration of “The Waltons” aired in 1997. And that marked the last time David W. Harper would reprise his role as Jim-Bob. From there, he had to decide where he wanted to go. In turn, he decided to pursue further education, specifically business.

Pursuing an education in business led Harper to reunite with his former costar. And, alongside his on-screen brother Eric Scott, the two found their way into a trucking company. There, the former “Walton” stars worked side by side, though Scott found himself rising through the ranks of the company, Chase Messengers.

Meanwhile, the former Jim-Bob Walton actor held a position as a driver for the company, leading him to a much quieter lifestyle on the road.

Where Is the Jim-Bob Walton Actor Now?

The outlet states that David W Harper’s later reunion with Eric Scott was the closest he would come to returning to “The Waltons.” However now, he still enjoys meeting fans of the series and reportedly continues to stay in touch with his onscreen family.

As to his real-life family, the Jim-Bob actor saw a tragic loss in 2010 when his father became terminally ill and passed away. In his quiet life away from the screen, Harper took care of his father until he died.

In addition to his quiet life on the road, the “Waltons” actor finds happiness in other quiet activities. Several include music and jigsaw puzzles, not to mention his passionate religious beliefs. Currently, David W. Harper is also working on a book detailing his nine seasons starring as Jim-Bob on the American TV classic.