‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Addresses Rumors the Waltons House Is Being Destroyed

by Taylor Cunningham

Don’t worry The Waltons fans—the iconic home that Judy Norton’s depression-era classic TV family lived in is not being destroyed. However, some memorable buildings are meeting their ends when Warner Bros. demolishes parts of its famed ranch.

In a segment of Ask Judy, the actress addressed rumors about the Walton home after “a number” of concerned people wrote and asked her about rumors of the studio knocking down the house. And she said that there are some truths to the stories, but they’re not as grim as fans believe.

The Warner Ranch is an extension of the Warner Bros. studios. It is set up in Hollywood, CA, and has lent its location to series like The Waltons and Bewitched and also various movies over the decades

The 64-year-old actress admitted that she doesn’t have a lot of information about what’s happening at the ranch. But based on her knowledge of the filming locations. She assured people that her old stomping grounds aren’t disappearing into a pile of wood and nails.

Judy Norton shared that her series and its spinoff TV movies did film in both locations. And when the last reunion special, A Walton Easter, took place, the studio moved the house from the Warner Bros. lot to the ranch. But it’s not part of the demolition plans.

A Video Falsely Claims that ‘The Waltons’ House Was Set to be Knocked Down

Norton referenced a video that highlighted some famous sets in the destruction zone. And the person who made it showed an image of what they claimed was the Walton house. But it was a completely different building.

“I watched some of this video… At some point, they said, ‘Oh, and here was the house from The Waltons. And I looked at that house and I went, ‘That wasn’t the house we used.’ It wasn’t the house we used on the back lot of the Warner Bros. lot. And it doesn’t even look like the one that they sort of rebuilt and moved over to the Warner Ranch. This is what that house looked like.”

In a side-by-side comparison, Norton showed the so-called Walton home and the actual home. The original house was a somewhat run-down, all-white wood farmhouse with a wrap-around porch and three peaked windows on the top floor. The other home was a more modern house with a gray exterior, a brick-lined porch, and a bright blue front door.

The video also went on to show that the Walton mountain church was set to be destroyed as well. But Norton noted that they never used a church at the farm. There were several buildings that housed the church scenes, and they were all located on the Warner Bros. lot.

But she noted that there were several sets on the ranch that will soon be gone. Those sets most notably include the Balwin sisters’ house and Cindy’s mom’s house.

“So there were definitely things that were shot there that I will be very sad to have gone,” she added.