‘The Waltons’ Actress Leslie Winston Discussed Bond With TV Husband Eric Scott

by Shelby Scott

“The Waltons” aired nine successful seasons before its cancelation in June of 1981. When “The Waltons” debuted in 1972, fans gained a love for the show’s original cast. Season one introduced us to noteworthy stars like Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, and Michael Learned. However, it wasn’t until 1979 that fan-favorite character Leslie Winston joined “The Waltons” family. Part of what made her such a dynamic character was her onscreen relationship with her character’s husband, Benjamin Walton. However, while the couple shared a memorable relationship on TV, the two costars shared a bond just as strong behind the scenes.

Leslie Winston and Eric Scott were a ‘Package Deal’

During a 2009 interview with the Globe-Gazette, Cindy Brunson Walton’s actress Leslie Winston shared her experience on the classic TV drama. She further spoke about her friendship with Benjamin Walton actor Eric Scott.

MeTV quoted Leslie Winston as she said starring in “The Waltons” “was an absolutely sensational experience for me.”

Winston didn’t join the cast until the back third of the show. However, she established strong bonds with her costars nonetheless. The actress revealed that “The Waltons” stars were like a big family. After it concluded, she maintained contact with all the stars that played Walton children.

However, it was Eric Scott that Leslie Winston remained closest to.

According to MeTV, both Eric Scott and Leslie Winston were happily married amid filming for “The Waltons.” Yet, they and their spouses were inseparable. In fact, when Winston married her husband, TV writer Bob Yannetti, “The Waltons” actress said, “Eric [Scott] and [his wife] Karey joined us on our honeymoon in Hawaii.” She shared during a group interview in 1982 that Eric and Karey met her and her husband at the plane with flowers and matching Hawaiian outfits.

Leslie Winston Detailed Life After ‘The Waltons’

Many of “The Waltons” stars remain intrinsically connected to their classic TV roles. But, for Leslie Winston, she, as a recurring rather than regular character, could separate her career as an actress from her time on the show.

“It was good that I didn’t really have a prominent part,” Winston said. Altogether, she starred in 42 episodes of the series, later marrying her onscreen partner Ben Walton. Afterward, she managed to find work after the show’s cancelation.

“It helps now,” she said, “because people in the industry don’t see me as just Cindy Walton.”

That said, Winston did begin to land prominent roles following her time on “The Waltons.” However, the outlet reports that just as she began gaining momentum in her career, a fall shattered her elbow and she was unable to work for a year.

After recovering, she was receiving far fewer desirable roles. As a result, she decided to start a family, welcoming two daughters before taking her career behind the scenes doing audio work.