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‘The Waltons’ Star Lewis Arquette Was the Patriarch of an Acting Family

by Samantha Whidden

Years after “The Waltons” star Lewis Arquette passed away, his daughter Patricia revealed that the late actor loved being the patriarch of the Arquette acting family.

According to MeTV, along with his own acting career, Lewis Arquette’s family consists of numerous actors. “The Walton” star’s children Patricia, Alexis, Rosanna, Richmond, and David all went into acting. Patricia became the first family member to win an Oscar in 2015. 

While speaking about “The Waltons” star, Patricia told her brother David in an E! Online interview that Lewis Arquette encouraged his children to follow their dreams. “He was funny; he loved kids,” Patricia further stated. She also said that her father loved being a dad. “And he wanted us to figure out who were as individuals.”

Three years after his wife, Brenda, passed away, “The Waltons” star Lewis Arquette passed away from a heart attack in 2001. He was 65-years-old at the time. David also encouraged his sister by stating, “I hope you know how proud I am of you. And how proud our parents must be of you. I’m so proud of you. Because you’re one of the realest people in the world. And that makes you one of the realest actresses in the world. Just everything you do is an inspiration to me and our family. And we couldn’t be prouder.”

David went on to share, “As your brother, I know how big your heart is. I also know how steadfast you are. You were one who was most likely to give me the handball punch as a child.

Patricia added, “I have a lethal handball punch.”

Rosanna Arquette Says She Believes Her Father Lewis Was Disappointed That His Acting Career Never Took Off Like His Children’s Did 

Meanwhile, Rosanna Arquette had a different insight about her father, Lewis Arquette. While speaking to The Guardian in 2019, Rosanna stated that she thought her father was disappointed that his acting career never really took off as his children’s did. “He was a struggling actor who never really made it,” Rosanna explained. “And then his kids all became, you know, stars.”

Rosanna also shared that she never experienced competitiveness when it came to her family. However, she changed her mind in mid-sentence. “Wait a minute, what am I say? My dad had a kind of weird competitiveness with me that I never felt was super-supportive. Everybody would say, ‘Your dad is so proud of you!’ And I’d say, ‘Oh, he is? Well, that’s nice!’”

Rosanna then discussed how she always felt isolated. For a while, she didn’t have an agent to help with her career. “I never really played the game. Doing what it takes to be a star. To keep your mouth shut,” she explained. When asked if her siblings felt the same isolation she does, Rosanna added, “Well, I don’t think Patricia does! She’s right there at the top of the field in the game right now.”