‘The Waltons’ Star Louise Latham Went To Extreme Lengths To Meet Alfred Hitchcock

by Joe Rutland

Louise Latham of The Waltons had quite a career and played Aunt Kate in an episode of the classic TV drama. Yet one time, she had a strong desire to be in a movie with director Alfred Hitchcock. If you got a chance to get the famed filmmaker’s attention, then you would do it. The story of how she got to Hitchcock is simply amazing.

Louise Latham of ‘The Waltons’ Gets The Attention of Legendary Director

It was her role as a mother in the Hitchcock movie Marnie that gained her attention. From there, the actress could have her choice of roles. As it happens, Hitch saw The Waltons star Louise Latham do a turn as a guest star on the classic TV show The Defenders. Hitchcock would send a note to Latham’s agent saying that he wanted to see her.

Meanwhile, Latham catches a flight from New York to Hollywood. The actress talked about it in an interview with the Los Angeles Citizen Evening News back in 1964. “Before I could catch my breath, I was whisked off to Los Angeles at the expense of Universal, given a charming suite at the Montecito and furnished with a copy of the Marnie screenplay,” she said. “Upon finishing it, I knew immediately I wanted the role of the mother.” We get more from MeTV.

Well, as it turns out, her taxi got to her a half-hour late. She said that “and just as we were pulling up to our designated meeting place, Mr. Hitchcock’s limousine began driving away.” OK, so Latham told the driver to follow Hitchcock’s limo.

Jumping Out Of Cab At Right Time Would Lead Actress To Movie Role

At one point, she jumps out of the cab and goes right into traffic. Latham goes up to the Hitchcock limo, taps on the window, and says, “I’m Louise Latham.” Hitch looked at her and said, “You’re supposed to be much older.” She replied, “Believe me, I’ve just aged 10 years!” She would go on to play Bernice Edgar in Marnie.

Later on, Latham did have other appearances on TV and in movies as well. “All I want from acting is to satisfy my soul,” Latham said. “Marnie did that, now I want some more of the same.” The actress died in 2018 at 95 years old. Among the other TV work in her career includes The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Kojak, Ironside, and Family Affair.

But the show that people just love to gravitate to and remember a lot is The Waltons. Olivia was going through menopause and it was Latham’s character that played a pivotal role in the episode. Earl Hamner Jr. created the show and would come up with many different storylines over the seasons.