‘The Waltons’ Star Mary McDonough Recalls Kissing Scene With Jonathan Frakes

by Shelby Scott

Classic TV star Mary McDonough had a handful of onscreen romances during her run in the historical drama, “The Waltons.” However, during an interview with her former costar Judy Norton (Mary Ellen Walton), the actress revealed her thoughts on the kissing scene she shared with the series’ recurring guest star, Jonathan Frakes.

“I loved kissing Jonathan Frakes,” “The Waltons” star revealed. “We had a thing where the camera almost knocked us over because we started kissing and…we didn’t know when we were supposed to stop.”

If you need a “Waltons” review of that particular scene, you can check that out below. But her description of the romantic moment with Jonathan Frake is humorous given the context of the episode.

She continued, “they panned over to Miss Emily. And she’s standing at the right, but we had no idea. And so they’re tapping us [on the shoulder] like, ‘Um, you can stop now.'”

The beloved “Waltons” star further joked about the humorous moment, shrugging, “We were just in character.”

“Nobody said ‘Cut!'” Norton added.

In speaking about her character, McDonough explained that the Ashley Langsworth Jr. actor was “wonderful and charming.” She later wished it was him the writers put Erin back with. Instead, in Frake’s absence, “The Waltons” star revealed she had to “kiss people all the time.” She revealed a less pleasant experience came when Henry Darrow kissed her on set.

‘The Waltons’ Mary McDonough Began Her Acting Career at Just 10 Years Old

Child stars aren’t uncommon in Hollywood. However, Mary McDonough had a long career outside of “The Waltons,” kicking off her career at just 10 years old. During a chat with Smashing Interviews, the actress revealed it “was kind of a wild world to be thrown into.”

Additionally, despite her fame on “The Waltons,” the actress felt under pressure constantly, always working to make things perfect. In speaking with the outlet in 2011, she said, “It wasn’t so much of, ‘Oh, I couldn’t do anything new,’ but it was being constantly put into situations where I didn’t know what was expected of me.”

She further explained, “I had this pressure that I had to do it perfectly even though I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Altogether, she admitted, “I was terrified to make mistakes.”

Sadly, that pressure was only worsened by her need to form her appearance around the expectations of others. While fans of “The Waltons” loved following Erin’s story across nine seasons, it likely contributed to her self-image problems. In fact, she admitted to getting breast implants after the show concluded.

“I would never have made such a stupid choice had I not already had self-esteem issues and body image issues already in place,” she surmised. “I was always trying to fit in.”