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‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Celebrates Mother’s Day by Reflecting on Vintage Magazine Profile

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

While celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday (May 8th), star of the classic TV show “The Waltons,” Judy Norton, enjoyed the special holiday by reflecting on a vintage magazine profile.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” Judy Norton began her Twitter post. “The Walton Women made the cover of People Magazine in 1979 to celebrate Grandma Esther Walton (Ellen Corby), Oliver Walton (Michael Learned), [and] Mary Ellen Walton Willard (Judy Norton). A tribute to the Walton moms on screen and off.”

Judy Norton then posted a behind-the-scenes video of “The Waltons” People magazine cover. “It was quite a thrill for me to make the cover of People magazine,” Norton said. “I don’t think I ever got tired of being on the cover of a magazine. It didn’t happen a lot. I had a lot of articles done. But they were usually inside the magazine. Not covers.”

While continuing to chat about the People magazine cover, Norton said that the magazine decided in January of that year it wanted to pay tribute to the women on Walton’s Mountain. “And that they just chose the first three generations, me being the oldest of the daughters.”

Judy Norton Talks Being a ‘Stage Parent’ While Her Son Acted in a TV Commerical When He Was Younger

Last year, Judy Norton opened up in one of her “Behind the Scenes of ‘The Waltons’” YouTube videos that her son was part of an acting project growing up. “When my son was little, my anger did ask if I was interested in them submitting him for some things. He did do one TV commercial. I was a complete wreck. He was fine.”

However, “The Walton’s” star Judy Norton admitted she wasn’t happy with how children were being treated on the set. She decided that acting was not something she wanted her son to do at a young age. When sharing her thoughts about being a “stage parent,” Norton said, “I hated every moment of it as a stage parent. I was just so protective. And was like, no. I was horrified by, you know, they didn’t – I felt they didn’t really take care of the children well. And so, I was like, nope, I’m done. He didn’t care. He was like two and a half. So, I’m like, I don’t think so.”

However, Judy Norton then said that her son expressed some interest in acting. So she decided to leave everything up to him. “He did work with me on the TV series I did up in Canada – ‘Bluff’ – that I did writing and directing on. So, he did a few episodes, two or three episodes, of that series. So, that was great to do some scenes with him – to direct him.”