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‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Explains the Challenges of Shooting Episodes Out of Season

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

While taking a stroll down memory lane during her latest “Ask Judy” video, “The Waltons” star Judy Norton revealed the challenges of shooting the classic TV show’s episodes out of season.

“What would happen is we would start filming a season in May,” Judy Norton explained about the “The Waltons” filming. “Those episodes would start airing in September. So in May, beginning of June, we were shooting what would’ve been sort of fall episodes. And then as we got into the summer, we would be shooting winter episodes.”

Judy Norton then discussed how she and the rest of “The Waltons” cast were wearing winter clothes while filming in summer temperatures. “So that could be challenging. You’re wearing winter clothes in the summer. And then as we got into later parts of the filming season. Then we might be actually looking in the colder time of the year.”

“The Waltons” actress further explained that when she, the cast, and crew were shooting summer things and having to get in the water or spray water around. It was still difficult for her and the cast because they were unable to sync up with the seasons. She used the Easter episode for example. “And there was these sections where you saw Mary Ellen and GW Haines up on the mountain dancing and there was clearly snow. So we would’ve had to shoot that at a point where there was actually snow in those mountains.” 

Judy Norton Is Asked if There Were Ever A Story on ‘The Waltons’ Based on An Actual Event of Earl Hamner’s Family

While continuing to answer questions on her “Ask Judy” episode, Judy Norton answers whether there was ever a story on “The Waltons” based on an actual event of Earl Hamner’s family. “Some things were maybe loosely based on things that happened in Earl’s life,” Norton clarified. “But for the most part, it was all fiction. They were all just crafted stories. And it was not really biographical.”

Although “The Waltons” is based on Hamner’s family, Judy Norton said that there weren’t necessarily specific events of his family or people that he had met. 

When asked about how extra costumers and the impact that has on the production budget, Judy Norton revealed tha was a wardrobe department thing. “So if, like for all the actors we had our normal sort of wardrobe that we had for the season. And maybe some pieces would be added during the season. But we would wear a lot of the same clothes. And it was up to the costume supervisor to keep track of which day in the episode it was. Are we on day one of the episode, day two of the episode? If it had a lot of days and then say, oh on day one, Mary Ellen was wearing her overalls and that blue shirt.”