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‘The Waltons’ Thanksgiving’ Movie Heading To CW With Richard Thomas as Narrator

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The Waltons is coming back to the screen for another wholesome adventure, and this time, it will center around a mountain newcomer and the true meaning of the Thanksgiving spirit.

The movie, appropriately titled The Waltons’ Thanksgiving, picks up in 1934. It’s autumn for the mountain community, and the classic TV family is eager to celebrate at the annual Harvest Festival Fair.

During the festivities, The Waltons enjoy talent shows, carnival rides, and pie contests. But when a strange young boy shows up, he changes each family member’s life in ways they couldn’t have imagined.

As Deadline reports, the movie will air on the CW this fall. And it will be a continuation of the network’s 2021 hit The Waltons’ Homecoming, which ended up being that year’s second most-watched CW special.

The Waltons Thanksgiving will once again star Bellamy Young as Olivia, Logan Shroyer as John-Boy, and Richard Thomas as the narrator. Chicago Fire‘s Logan Shroyer will also join the cast as John Sr.

Richard Thomas First Starred as ‘The Waltons” Narrator in 2021

Last year, Richard Thomas made his narrator debut in the remake of The Waltons Homecoming.

Creator Earl Hamner Jr. first introduced the Great Depression-era family to audiences with a made-for-TV movie of the same name in 1971. And it was so popular, that CBS picked it up as a series the following year. The original show ran for nine seasons, and it ranked among the most popular on network television.

The story was based on Hamner Jr.’s own family and sometimes loosely followed adventures from his past. The character John-Boy represented the creator as a teenager. And as fans watched, they listened as Hamner Jr. narrated the episodes as the grown version of the character.

While Thomas left the series prematurely in 1978, he reprised his role for three subsequent movies. And in 2021, he returned to the story. But that time, he did so to replace the late Earl Hamner Jr. as the beloved narrator.

In The Waltons Homecoming, the original characters appear on the screen. But new actors took their parts. And the story once again followed the loving tale of a family dealing with the Great Depression while living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Just as they did in the movie 50 years prior, the family is awaiting the return of John Sr. while preparing to celebrate Christmas together. But when a snowstorm moves in, John Boy sets out to find his father. And the journey changes him forever.

“It’s a story about human kindness and compassion and love,” Thomas says in a preview. ” It’s a story about family. A family called The Waltons.”