‘Three’s Company’: One Aspect of the Series Finale Still Bothers Fans to This Day

by Megan Molseed

The popular classic television series Three’s Company delighted fans during its run from 1977 until 1984. However, fans of the series still express a certain amount of dissatisfaction about the show’s final episode.

The hit series centers around John Ritter’s goofy but loveable Jack Tripper as he shares an apartment with two female roommates; Joyce DeWitt’s Janet and (originally) Suzanne Somers’s Chrissy Snow. However, during its run, the series faced controversy as cast changes led to a couple of new roommates being introduced to the series.

These characters, Cindy (Jenilee Harrison) and Terri (Priscilla Barnes) joined Jack and Janet when Somers exited the series. The cast changes certainly changed portions of the series. However, Three’s Company remained a popular ABC ratings winner up until its final episode.

The Three’s Company Series Finale Leaves Fans Feeling Dissatisfied, Even Decades After The Show Goes Off the Air

Following the end of Three’s Company came a spin-off television series titled Three’s A Crowd. In order to make the transition into this new series, Three’s Company showrunners decided to introduce this series, and its characters, in the final episodes of the original series.

As a result, the Three’s Company’s conclusion came in four parts. Each of these episodes, Cupid Works Overtime, The Heiress, and Friends & Lovers leads up to the finale. This, in turn, sets up the storyline that introduces Three’s A Crowd. However, some fans of the popular television series feel that the focus was too much on setting up the spin-off series. And far too little on saying goodbye to the Three’s Company cast.

The Three’s Company Cast Fall In Love And Make Some Major Moves

In the final few episodes of Three’s Company, Ritter’s Jack Tripper meets and falls in love with a stewardess named Vicky (Mary Cadorette). Vicky is the daughter of an overly protective father, Robert Mandan’s Jame Bradford.

Furthermore, the series’ final episodes focus on creating storylines that lead each of the roommates to say goodbye to their apartment; which serves as the scene for the show’s eight seasons of comedy antics. While Jack is falling in love, so is Janet as she meets a handsome art collector named Phillip. The two soon wed in the group’s apartment. Terri meanwhile, accepts a position in Hawaii.

Fans Feel The Finale Focuses Too Much On Setting Up the Spin-Off Series

Fans of the series note that the Three’s Company finale tries too hard to make the viewers care about Jack and Vicky’s romance. However, as one IMDb user points out, this did not work in the long run.

“Mary Cadorette’s portrayal of Vicki’s explanation of why she’s afraid to get married comes off fake and unreal,” notes IMDb user nickb-22813.  “Plus, the comedic chemistry between her and Jack just is not there.”