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‘Three’s Company’: The Small Role You Didn’t Realize John Larroquette Played

by Joe Rutland
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Actor John Larroquette is famously recognized for playing Dan Fielding on the classic TV show Night Court but he shows up on Three’s Company. His appearance would come in a 1979 Season 3 episode titled Jack Moves Out. Larroquette plays a police officer who happens to catch Jack Tripper, played by John Ritter, going into his apartment. People have seen Ritter play alongside Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers on the show for years. They shared the same living space, so this is no big deal, right? Wrong.

The episode, according to its synopsis, states, “Jack ponders a job offer to become a live-in cook but reconsiders when the lady of the house makes a pass at him.” Larroquette shows up when Jack looks to get back into his old pad. They have an interaction where Larroquette takes off his officer’s hat to show his face. Jack left Janet and Chrissy over a fight but wanted to get back home. In the scene between Ritter and Larroquette, the Night Court actor offers this quip in character: “Who cares why you broke in. Why did you break out?” That comes from the Three’s Company Wiki.

John Larroquette Plays Opposite John Ritter on ‘Three’s Company’

Larroquette would talk about his experience on Three’s Company in the book Come and Knock On Our Door: A Hers and Hers and His Guide to Three’s Company. He recalled sharing a mutual love for The Beatles with Ritter. “He’s a lot of fun,” Larroquette said. “John was great. It was a very pleasant experience…When this cop comes to the apartment to arrest Jack Tripper, I had to make a choice…It was bad enough [that] I was a cop and nobody would see me. I had to find a way to get the hat off, so everyone could see my face and see how handsome I was – when in fact I looked like a cross between Tony Perkins and Don Knotts.”

The actor talks about having the hat and what he would do with it. Then, he comes up with an idea and gimmick on how to incorporate that hat into his role. “When I arrested him, I took the hat off and read him the Miranda rights from inside the hat,” Larroquette said. “I played the straight man against Jack Tripper, which was very unusual for me at the time. Still, the idea of breaking into a half-hour sitcom at the time seemed like a good idea.” We get more from MSN.com.

If Larroquette’s name sounds familiar after all these years, then he’s still showing up as Dan. Well, he’s been in talks to be part of a reboot of the classic NBC sitcom.