‘Three’s Company’s Suzanne Somers Looks Back on One of Her ‘Favorite Numbers’ Entertaining US Troops

by Samantha Whidden

Ahead of Memorial Day, “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers takes to her Instagram account to look at her favorite numbers while entertaining U.S. troops. 

“The thrill and honor of my life was entertaining our troops,” Suzanne Somers further declares in the post, which features a video of the “Three’s Company” actress’ “Take Back Your Mink” performance. “Here’s one my favorite numbers from a USO show I did in 1983.”

Meanwhile, in a 2019 post on Facebook, the classic TV actress spoke about performing for U.S. troops overseas. “During the 70’s and 80’s I had the privilege of entertaining our American military all over the world. From the USO at Pan Mun Jom in South Korea (and all bases in that country no matter how remote, even in the demilitarized zone), at Ramstein Air Base in Germany and all US bases in that country and around Europe.”

“Three’s Company” star Suzanna Somers also stated that her experience entertaining U.S. troops was one of the most fulfilling things she’s ever done. “Any of us who have had the honor to be in the protective custody of the American military know the pride each and every one of our troops has to keep America safe and free.”

‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Shared Details About a Letter She Received from a U.S. Military Serviceman

Somers also revealed that she received an email from one of the U.S. troops, named Edward Weeden, whom she entertained over the years. “He wrote: ‘Thank You, Suzanne. Over 30 years ago, when NOBODY was supporting our military, you came to the USS RANGER to do a show and wowed everyone. I was Leading Petty Officer of the Captain’s Office at the time, and you chose one of my non-rateds to come up on stage with you.’”

The U.S. military personnel also told the classic TV actress that while everyone was cheering for her, he was in the back of the crowd crying. This was due to him remembering coming from Vietnam in 1975 and getting things thrown at him as he exited the airport in uniform. Somers went on to add, “Thank you for your service Edward, and your letter. I am eternally grateful to be an American and I am grateful for the men and women just like you who keep our country safe! God bless America!”

Suzanne Somers also previously spoke about performing for U.S. troops early on in her career. “I come from cops, firemen, and wardens. Growing up, I realized that serving your country is one of the most fulfilling things in life, and I did it by doing TV specials on the USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier and another in Germany at Ramstein Air Force Base.”

Along with her performances in Germany Somers also said took sexy tap dancers to military bases in Germany and in Korea… “Facing armed North Korean guards was unsettling, but I felt safe surrounded by our brave military.”