‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Describes Unforgettable Star-Studded Nights at Studio 54

by Alex Falls

Suzanne Somers was part of Hollywood royalty in the late 70s and early 80s. She starred in the classic TV show Three’s Company and immediately became America’s sweetheart. During the same era, celebrities of all kinds rubbed shoulders at the infamous Studio 54.

This week news broke that the club’s former owner, Mark Fleischman, passed away. Somers spoke with Entertainment Tonight and looked back at some of the most extravagant times of her life at the club.

“Oh, what a time it was,” Somers said. “There’s no red carpet experience I’ve ever had that compared to walking into Studio 54. I didn’t even think about the snobbery of it, that there were red velvet ropes and that when our car pulled up, the doors were automatically opened and there was [Studio 54 co-owner] Steve Rubell saying, ‘Come, come, come.'” 

Even outside the club was an eye-opening scene. Somers said people would be screaming to get a view of the glamorous celebrities going in and out. By the time she’d get inside, she said “you couldn’t hear anybody’s voices” over the “loud and wonderful” music.

“All I did was dance and dance,” Somers said. “Disco dancing was the dancing that you could do that you didn’t even know how to dance. It wasn’t necessary.”

She remembered seeing numerous famous faces dancing alongside her. Regulars at the club included Halston, Bianca Jagger, Diana Ross, Andy Warhol and Liza Minnelli.

Somers Remembers the Fun Times

Studio 54 is mostly remembered for its excess as well as the glamour. But Somers looks back at those days fondly.

“I remember one night wearing a white cashmere dress that twirled when I turned, and I kept turning and turning and turning,” Somers said. “One New Year’s Eve, they had ropes hanging from the ceiling and dancers… They were in nude body suits, but they looked nude, climbing up and down the ropes and the music and the twirling, twirling… It was the time of your life. That’s the only way I can describe it.”

She continued, “We had the best time ever. We loved it. And then I’d come back to Los Angeles and I’d go in the studio and do Three’s Company, and then at night I’d do magazine covers, and then [on] the weekend we’d fly to New York. What a life, huh?”

Somers said the major difference between those days and modern times comes down to social media. Back then there was no internet or phones, so Studio 54 developed something of a mythical reputation.

“There was no selfie-taking,” Somers said. “It was all paparazzi and paparazzi are exciting, because it’s, ‘click, click, flash, flash.’ I think it’ll never be that great again because of social media… All the pictures from that era were genuine and real. When you look up [photos from] Studio 54 with Alan and I… what you’ll mainly see on my face is pure joy and excitement. That’s what Studio 54 was. Pure joy and excitement and a thrill, a real thrill.”

Somers’s partying days are well behind her. Now at 75 she’s busy promoting her Gut Renew smoothie mix. Even though Studio 54 must’ve been fun, she said right now is “the best time of my life.”